The Math Behind Monopoly Live Wheel

We have very mixed feelings playing Monopoly with our siblings when we were younger. You had to resort to added house rules to keep it fun! Otherwise, one person would inevitably push out the rest. Given its complicated rules, we never expected to see the Monopoly board make its way to live casinos. As always, Evolution Gaming manages to surprise us!

The way they did it was by combining the board game with their money wheel game. We were amazed by the result! It also made us think about what the best way to play Monopoly Live was. We will take a deep dive into the math behind the wheel to figure out what the best bets are. If you are interested in maximizing your performance, come and join us!

The Way It Works

Monopoly Live falls under the live casino game show genre. These games have little in the way of direct player control. Punters wager on the outcome while an energetic host keeps them entertained! Another aspect of game shows is that they usually rely on special features or very difficult prizes to award big wins. This release is no different in that regard!

Here, we have two types of segments. Most of the segments are plain numbers. If you bet on that number and the wheel lands on it, you get a prize. There are also two segments that give you access to Monopoly Live’s special feature! You also have to bet money to be able to win this bonus. It takes you to a virtual board where the Monopoly mascot walks around and collects multiplier wins!

Breaking it Down

Our goal is this Evolution Gaming release is to find a combination of bets that gives us a few filler wins while we are chasing the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonuses. In order to find the most optimal option, we decided to break down all available options in a table! There are 54 segments total on the money wheel.

Segment Number of positions Payout RTP Probability
1 22 1:1 92.88% 40.74%
2 15 2:1 96.23% 27.78%
5 7 5:1 91.30% 12.96%
10 4 10:1 96.02% 7.41%
Chance 2 Random / 3.70%
2 Rolls 3 Bonus 93.90% 5.55%
4 Rolls 1 Bonus 93.67% 1.86%


What do the numbers tell us? For starters, numbers two and ten make for great standard wagers. Two pays less money, but undeniably has the best RTP of the bunch. Ten is worth more and may be worth playing as a more riskier option if you can stomach the losses.

Monopoly Live Wheel

We take a look at odds, RTP and payouts for each of the segments on the Monopoly wheel.

You may be tempted to try the one as well, but it will not work for our purposes. It is the most represented segment, and you have an opportunity to draw it 40% of the time. That said, it only pays 1:1, which does not help us build a budget. You need wins that can keep up with 7.41% probability (2 rolls + 4 rolls) of getting into the bonus round.

Turning Numbers into Strategy

The high RTP of numbers two and ten give us the best opportunity to turn them into our standard bets. These wagers are not what you are aiming to win. Instead, their payouts help prolong each round, giving you more opportunities to get to the special feature! The big wins from the bonus round will hopefully make back any losses you have incurred, and net you a tidy profit on top of that!

If you are willing to play it riskily, we suggest playing with the number ten. Each time you win, it will pay 10:1. It gives you more room to bet on bonus rounds and still coming out ahead in case of a win. The higher volatility may not be for everyone. Especially not if you have a limited budget! This strategy can quickly eat away at your balance.

For that reason, Indian Casino Club staff prefer the same strategy, except using the number two. It means playing smaller wagers so the 2:1 payout can make back money in case you win. However, this means frequent wins due to the higher probability of landing the number two! It is not a perfect strategy for Monopoly Live, but it beats playing it randomly. Use the numbers to your advantage, and you can win big!