Speed Roulette: To Play or Not to Play?

As players, we are always on the lookout for something new and interesting. It does not always have to be an incredible variant that fundamentally alters the way we play. Sometimes, just the promise of a faster round of roulette is enough. It was that desire that first got us acquainted with Speed Roulette all those years ago.

Since then, we played it on and off for quite a while. We have been in both the Play and Not Play section of the camp at some point. As a result, we can give you arguments on both sides. Our job is to guide you through the process. The final decision as to whether you should play Speed Roulette will fall to you.

What’s Different?

If you are already used to playing European Roulette in a live dealer setting, you will find not much has changed. You still have access to a wheel with thirty-six numbers and a zero. The numbers are split in two colours, and all the payouts are the same. Evolution Gaming went out of their way to make sure Speed Roulette resembled their standard roulette tables as much as possible.

That said, there is one major change, and that is how each round of roulette is handled. In typical roulette, you usually have to wait a little bit before the dealer spins again. In Speed Roulette, the spin happens as soon as the results of the previous round finish displaying. This means each round of this game finishes in about 25 seconds.

Why Play

Experienced players were likely waiting for this option for a while now. We like hanging out with the dealers and chatting. That said, sometimes you just want to focus on the gameplay and not get any distractions. Speed Roulette is ideal for that. You are always doing something. Either setting up your bet or waiting for the results! Evolution Gaming’s fantastic user interface makes repeating and saving previous wagers easy.

Faster roulette rounds are also a blessing if you are in a hurry. We occasionally take a short bus trip and like to fill the empty time with casino games. By playing this release, we are able to squeeze more rounds into a shorter period. However, we do not advise doing this if you are prone to shouting in excitement due to a big win!

Speed Roulette is also a good pick if you use roulette progression betting systems. These betting strategies depend on you winning or losing several rounds in a row. This is something you can achieve much faster in this game compared to standard European Roulette.

Why Not Play

Things going faster does come with a downside. It allows you to play more rounds in the same period, which exposes you to the casino’s edge more. At the end of the day, no roulette strategy can beat the house advantage. While Speed Roulette plays faster, it can also eat into your budget far quicker than regular roulette.

Evolution Live Speed Roulette

We take a deeper look into Speed Roulette, presenting its pros and cons.

If you are new to roulette, the faster pace will probably throw you off. We advise staying clear of this Evolution Gaming release until you become more familiar with the game. Now, roulette is not a complicated title to learn. Most punters will very quickly reach the level where they can keep up with the faster speed of this release. Speed Roulette requires you to know what bets you want to make and to place them fast.

Finally, the game feels less like a social experience when things go by so quickly. The dealers simply do not have time to interact with chat. As the wheel finishes spinning, they are already setting up for the upcoming round. While this downside will not affect many punters, the more social among us may find themselves missing talking to their hosts.

Closing Thoughts

As you might expect, making a decision on Speed Roulette fundamentally depends on the sort of player you are. Less experienced roulette players will probably not find it very appealing. Rounds go by very quickly, and the dealer only speaks to announce results. You have to make sacrifices to achieve 25-second rounds, and that is one of them.

If you are still uncertain, the team at Indiancasinoclub.in advise just playing a few rounds. You will quickly be able to tell if this is the right title for you.