Space-Themed Gridslot Diamond Vortex Slot Hits the Market

Players have heavily benefitted from the growth of the iGaming market. Every month, talented software providers launch a string of fantastic slots for us to try out. With so many options, it can be difficult to keep up with everything currently available.

Fortunately, you have us to help keep an eye out for the most interesting new games. Play’n GO’s recently launched Diamond Vortex is definitely one of those releases. What makes this new title so interesting? Join us, and we will introduce you to a whole new galaxy of fun!

The Basics

Right from the start, you can see the layout is not what you would expect from a typical slot. It is played on a grid, where wins are assigned using clusters. You need six or more adjacently connected matching symbols to earn a cash prize.

The RTP for this game is 96.20%, which is slightly above average. It has a high variance and a 5000x jackpot. Players can wager between ₹20 and ₹10,000 on each spin. Keep in mind that different operators may offer alternate slot RTPs and betting ranges.

The Graphics

We really like the design the developers used for this release. The spinning galaxy in the background perfectly meshes with the grid shape. Watching icons fall away as we spin the reels is awesome and adds to the excitement of playing Diamond Vortex. Pretty background and gorgeous animations; what more could we ask for?

Special Features

The grid is separated into three rings; outer, middle and inner. Each ring has a Spot, which appears at the bottom, and a Zone, that sits at the top of the ring. After each consecutive win, spots will move one position, with their corresponding rings moving with them.

Diamond Vortex Gameplay

Play’n GO rolls out innovative Diamond Vortex slot.

Each time a ring moves, the symbols that sat on top of it move along with it. They move before new icons fall from the top to fill in the empty spots left behind by the previous special features.

Once a Spot reaches its corresponding Zone, it transforms all symbols in its ring into the same matching icon. It is possible for all rings to transform at the same time. If you fail to get enough consecutive wins for this to happen, the Spot returns to its original position.

There are two Wilds in this slot. A core Wild is present in the middle position of the grid and is always active. Sticky Wilds can appear randomly. When a sticky Wild contributes to a win, it moves into the ring closer to the centre. If it is in the innermost ring, the core Wild consumes it, increasing its multiplier. The multiplier resets for a fresh base game spin.

When a bonus symbol is rotated into a Zone, it grants five free spins. During this bonus, spots do not return to their starting positions between spins. The core Wild multiplier also does not reset. It is possible to win additional free spins during the bonus.

Final Thoughts

Play’n GO’s impressive summer roster showed us the developer had big plans for the future. Still, we could not predict this was what they had planned for August! It is an excellent release if a bit feature-heavy at first glance. However, once you try it, you will quickly see just how thrilling the slot can be! It has the Indian Casino Club seal of approval.