Should You Play or Avoid Online Casino Games With High RTP?

Return to player is a topic we have discussed many times in our articles. It is one of the primary ways to determine the quality of a slot or casino game at a glance. The higher a title’s RTP is, the better return you can expect from it. While it is not the only factor to consider, it is one of the simplest and most important. The bigger the number, the better off you will be.

However, there are edge cases where high RTP online casino games are not your best choice. As such, there are times where you want to avoid high RTP releases. Join us as we break this topic down and answer the question on everyone’s minds. When should you play high RTP casino games, and when should you avoid them?

When to Play High RTP Casino Games

Our advice when it comes to both theoretical and actual RTP is simple. The higher it is, the better. If you have two games that are similar in volatility, maximum payouts and win frequency, the higher RTP option wins. That said, it is important to keep in mind high RTP for many casino games comes down to strategy. Such is the case with blackjack and poker, which only give great odds if played right.

Another advantage to high RTP casino games is they are great at profiting from deposit bonuses. These types of casino promotions grant bonus cash with a set wagering requirement.

For example, you qualify for a ₹1000 bonus with a 30x rollover. That means you have to wager through ₹30,000 before the promotion is considered completed. Play a casino game with a 99% theoretical RTP, and you can expect to lose around ₹300. Of course, with Lady Luck involved, things are never so clear-cut. Regardless, it shows why choosing a high RTP casino game would be better for you long-term.

When to Avoid High RTP Casino Games

However, it is those same wagering requirements that can work against you. High RTP casino games are often limited in their contributions to wagering requirements. If you read online casino terms and conditions in detail, you will often see some games offer limited contribution. Table games rarely break the 10% mark when it comes to rollover contribution. That means you will have to play them for much longer to release the bonus cash.

Lowered or entirely excluded contributions are not unique to deposit bonuses. Online casino games with high RTPs can often be barred from earning VIP points. This practice has died down recently. That is only because casinos have made loyalty points and their effects miniscule. When you have to wager through thousands of rupees to get any effect? The RTP of a game does not matter all that much anymore.

10,000 Wishes gameplay high RTP

High RTP games don’t guarantee big wins as they often come with limited contributions to wagering requirements

Finally, many players fixate on return to player as the sole metric of whether a casino game is worth playing. Slots and other releases come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That is why it is important to consider other factors, like volatility. Bet big on a high RTP, highly volatile slot, and your balance will quickly deplete. If you have a small bankroll, it may be safer to opt for less volatile games. Even if their RTP is worse.

In Conclusion

There are times when you may want to choose games with lower RTPs. However, that does not mean you should always avoid high RTP releases. Just the opposite, in fact! The advantage they bring is one you should not throw away lightly. There is a reason high RTP is advertised frequently as a sign of a quality casino game. In almost all cases, it absolutely is.

As avid readers of Indian Casino Club know all too well, casino games are not simple. Even the most basic titles can have their own little quirks that make them difficult. If high RTP games do not contribute to the bonus you are chasing, it is okay to settle for less. The same way you should not play games or tables you cannot afford because their RTP is better. Adapt to the situation, and you will always come out on top.