Quantum Blackjack: Is It Worth Your Money?

Have you ever felt like a round of blackjack is too slow-paced for your liking? Its strategic nature is why so many people love and appreciate the game. In fact, blackjack is unique as a casino game, since you can directly affect your odds as a player. A good player can drastically improve their chances following a blackjack strategy guide.

For this to work, you need to play very carefully. Each bet is individually low risk. The volatility of blackjack only occurs when you’re wagering more than you can really afford! It’s not something we’d advise, but up until recently, it was the only way to get a big blackjack win. You had to bet big to win bigger.

Of course, that all changed with the arrival of Playtech’s Quantum Blackjack. Now, punters could play their favourite game, and benefit from mouth-watering multipliers. This does raise the question; is Quantum Blackjack worth your money? Should you skip it in favour of traditional blackjack? Let’s find out together.

Quantum Blackjack Changes

The biggest change is, obviously, the multipliers. Up to three cards are selected and will have multipliers attached before a game round starts. If you form a winning combination while holding one of these cards, the awarded prize will be increased accordingly. You can have more than one multiplier in hand, and they multiply together. Having two 5x multipliers will produce a 25x increase for the final payout.

How does this release pay for the presence of multipliers? It makes it more difficult to make the dealer bust. In normal blackjack, a three-card bust would be a win for the player. In Playtech’s Quantum Blackjack, this is now a push instead. This means you only get your money back, rather than a 1:1 payout. You can win if the dealer busts with four or more hands, but that’s much more difficult to achieve.

Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re looking for higher volatility blackjack with serious winning potential, definitely! When you put all of its mechanics together, you’re looking at a possible 1000x prize. To say that it’s an improvement on blackjack’s traditional 35:1 payout would be an understatement. It’s no progressive jackpot, but you’ll still be very happy to win it.

Personally, what we like best about Quantum Blackjack is that your old game strategy still works! It doesn’t change any of the fundamental rules, except for three-card busts now being pushes. For experienced punters who know all the ins and outs of maximizing blackjack payouts, this game will be a treat. However, you’ll find the temptation to hit on a 16 that much higher when it has an attached multiplier!

Live Dealer Quantum Blackjack

We take a look at innovative live dealer game Quantum Blackjack. Is the Playtech game worth your time?

Fans of side bets will also be happy to hear they’re available in Playtech’s release. The two side bets you can play are Perfect Pairs and 21+3. Like with regular blackjack tables, they severely lower your RTP in Quantum Blackjack. We wouldn’t recommend playing them, as this game has a higher volatility compared to standard blackjack.

How do I win?

It’s important to note we don’t have any control over when a multiplier will appear, or what cards it will enhance. You shouldn’t bet outside of your budget hoping the next hand will have a big multiplier attached. That way lies only anger and a severely punished wallet. Instead, play it like you’d play any other round of blackjack, and treat multipliers as an occasional nice surprise.

Treat side bets the same way. They should be an occasional treat if you’re doing well, not a permanent addition. Solid wins are much more difficult to achieve in Quantum Blackjack due to its higher volatility. Activate them after a big win or if you’re on a winning streak. Alternatively, stick to what every blackjack guide tells you and avoid playing them all together. The option you pick depends on you!

Closing Thoughts

The team at Indiancasinoclub.in was eagerly awaiting the release of Quantum Blackjack since it was first announced. It speaks volumes that we still launch it and play a few rounds every now and then. It hasn’t replaced standard blackjack from our hearts. However, it has certainly created its own take on the popular game that casino-goers will love! We wholeheartedly recommend trying Quantum Blackjack. Trust us, it’s well worth your time and your rupees.