Playing Online Blackjack at Low Stakes

Online blackjack is some of the best fun you can have. Just learning all the right plays can keep you entertained for hours. While you are perfecting your craft, you can score a few wins to put yourself ahead. It is a game that is much easier to learn that poker and comes with more consistent payouts. However, one area that makes blackjack a hit with Indian players is the ability to play at low stakes!

Most casino games can be played on a small budget. The widespread popularity of roulette, baccarat and other titles proves as much! That said, they are all games that favour having more money in some capacity. As such, we want to give blackjack the recognition it deserves. Join us as we lift the lid on why online blackjack is the best low stakes experience you can have!

A Working Strategy

Plenty of casino games act like they have functional strategies. However, these guides rarely offer a marked increase in the game’s house edge. Not so with blackjack! It boasts one of the best possible RTPs among online casino titles. The only way to achieve that incredibly low house edge is by following this blackjack strategy to the letter!

In blackjack, you are always in control of your hand. There is an element of luck on what cards are drawn, sure. However, there is no point at which decision-making is taken from you. This allows mathematicians to work out the probability of the best move for every possible combination. Stick to their advice, and you will be able to enjoy a game with an estimated 0.44% house edge!

Check Table Rules

Of course, all of this only works if you are seated at a blackjack table with good rules. Want a quick way to check if a game is worth your time? Only pick tables that stand on a soft 17, and give you a 3:2 payout for a blackjack win. These two rules are good indicators that the rest of the game is worth checking out.

More rules can work to a punter’s advantage, but these are rarer. Being allowed to split and re-split aces and being able to double on any two first cards are great. Having the Surrender option available is even better! However, the best possible blackjack version is the rarest of all. It is played with a single deck instead of six or eight!

Online Blackjack table

Check out our advice for playing online Blackjack with a small bankroll.


Budget Management

As a general rule of thumb, you cannot beat the maximum payout awarded by a blackjack win. There are some exceptions to this, but you should avoid these kinds of games. While they offer mouth-watering prizes, they have high variance and a lower RTP. Both of these things are sworn enemies of low stakes players.

Of course, no matter which version of blackjack you decide to play, you need to keep an eye on your budget. For starters, never deposit money you cannot afford to spend. Then, split your wagers so you can make them last for a while. Increasing your bet is something we advise against: not until you build up a decent pool of winnings. Even then, we imagine most punters would rather withdraw the money instead of risking it.

Never Play Insurance

Blackjack fans argue back and forth over the best variants and rule combinations. However, just about everyone will agree that the Insurance bet is a sucker bet that you should never play. The idea behind it seems good. Rather than lose everything against the dealer’s blackjack, you can take part of it back with a successful Insurance bet.

The issue arises when you consider the odds versus the payout. Only four cards will result in you winning Insurance, while nine will result in an even bigger loss. While the odds are 9:4, the prize for winning Insurance is only 2:1. As a result, you never want to buy and play Insurance bets. Take the loss on the chin, and hope the next round goes better!

Final Thoughts

Follow all of these rules, and you will have a fantastic time playing low stakes blackjack. It can take a while to learn the rules if you have never played it before. Trust us; there is a reason blackjack is a go-to game for so many of Indian Casino Club’s staff. This is the game to play for low stakes punters.