Online Slots Tutorial: How to Play, Strategies and Bonuses

Players have been enjoying slots long before the internet came around. These casino games filled rows in real-world locations, drawing players in to try them. Their simple gameplay while offering some mouth-watering jackpots made them popular with casual gamblers. Something that rings true to this day, and can be seen by the overwhelming popularity of online slots.

Exactly who created the first online slot is up for debate. The internet was very much the Wild West in its early days, nothing like the structured web we have now. What we do know is that these releases have evolved tremendously over the years. In this article, we will explain the basics of online slots. If you are brand new to this genre and want to try it out, there has never been a better time to do so!

How it’s Played

All online slots are powered by software. Rather than playing on a physical machine, you are playing following a program with a defined return to player. Most slots are played on a set of reels. Each reel has a certain number of positions, where symbols can land. Icon designs tend to vary between games, and usually fit the theme of a specific title you are playing.

Wins are granted by matching enough symbols, which also has to follow a payline. Paylines usually start at the leftmost reel and stretch to the right. That said, certain titles allow you to score wins both ways, instead of just left-to-right. At other times, you might not have defined paylines. In that case, the game will use an alternate way of awarding prizes, such as cluster pays or ways to win.

Slot Bonuses

One of the most interesting things video slots offer is the variety of special features. Punters can enjoy free spins, Wilds, progressive jackpots, multipliers, and so many more bonuses! Different slots may use similar special features, but they are rarely used in the exact same way. This is what gives these games such variety, and why so many players keep coming back to it.

Free spins are the bread and butter of these releases. Software providers have been using them for a while, which means free spins rarely appear on their own. Free spins with extras are something many punters expect nowadays. Multipliers, re-spins, choosing your own free spins… these are just some awesome options you can pick!

Wilds also appear in enhanced form nowadays. The basic idea of Wilds is that they serve as icons that can substitute for all other symbols. Developers often pair Wilds with multipliers, re-spins, or by combining Wilds with other icons. Either symbols can be merged with other bonus icons like Scatters, or existing basic symbols can become temporary Wilds.

Starburst slot gameplay

Pay attention to these important tips if you are starting to play online slots.

Progressive jackpots are ever-increasing prizes that grow bigger with every spin. This means every spin all players make slowly increase the pot, which is then activated randomly. If you happen to be the lucky gambler to activate this prize, you could win millions with a small bet! Progressive jackpots can also be time-limited, meaning they have to be won before the day, week or month is over.

Are Slot Strategies Possible?

In terms of how you should play each round, similar to a blackjack strategy? No, you cannot do that with slots. Every spin is random, and there is no way of predicting what comes next. Slot strategies all boil down to choosing the right game. For that, you need to decide on a few things right off the bat.

First, how big is your budget? As we often stress in our online casino money management guide, you should never wager what you cannot afford. This affects what sort of slots you should choose. If you do not have many rupees, go with lower risk, low volatility titles. If you have money to spend, you can opt for higher variance games that are higher risk but offer bigger payouts in turn.

You should also consider what special features you find fun. If you think grid slots and re-spins are fantastic, you will obviously hunt for titles with those bonuses. Players that dream of life-changing wins will opt for progressive jackpots. It all comes down to you! Your pals at Indian Casino Club have reviewed a fair amount of slots, so you can rely on us to recommend something for you.