Online Roulette Variants Offering Side Bets

We all have moments when our favourite casino games feel a bit stale. Learning their intricacies is fun, as are the wins you can score when you do. At the same time, constantly repeating anything will eventually tire you out. That is why it is important to try new things. In real life, you would have to try something brand new. For roulette, you have plenty of options!

Roulette is a game that is no stranger to experimentation. As it travelled across the world, it has changed drastically. However, without a doubt, the original French roulette remains our favourite. Today, we are looking for something different. We want to find roulette tables with side bets. Things that let you experience something brand new while preserving the fun of the roulette wheel!

Spread Bet Roulette

This variant is played following European roulette rules. On top of having a standard wheel, it also has an extra golden wheel. Most tables would be satisfied with one or two extra bets. However, this Playtech release has seven side bets, called Spread Bets in the game. Depending on the side bet, you can win prizes up to 400x your total stake.

You cannot play the side bets separately from the main round. You must play at least the minimum deposit for standard roulette, and then you can wager on the additional bets you have available. The higher the risk of the side bet, the better its reward is! This game can be played against a computer or with a live dealer.

Lucky Ball Roulette

Seven is a lucky gambler number, but it can be an overwhelming amount of side bets. If you are looking for something more down to earth, Authentic’s Lucky Ball Roulette is for you! This title is also based on European roulette and offers you four side bets instead. Each side bet has a different colour, which grants a higher payout based on rarity.

If you want to score this game’s 120x top prize, you will have to play the rarest green ball side bet. Meanwhile, the purple, orange and blue balls pay 60:1, 75:1 and 100:1, respectively. You win the side bet when the associated colour drops into randomly selected Lucky Number. Each colour is assigned a different number using RNG.

Age of the Gods Roulette

Based on Playtech’s popular Age of the Gods slot series, this roulette wheel offers a chance to win one of four progressive jackpots! In fact, the four jackpots are the same ones offered in the slot network, making this title incredibly attractive for punters! In almost every aspect, it plays identically to European roulette. However, it has one extra pocket, which is required for one of its bonuses.

Age of the Gods Live Roulette

What are some of the most popular online roulette games offering side bets?

Players who want to score the progressive jackpot do not need to worry about it, however. Like with the slots, the progressive jackpot is awarded randomly. Here, you can try to give yourself better odds, since bigger bets have an increased chance to trigger it.

If that is not enough, then Age of the Gods Roulette also has a mini slot ready for you! To win this, you have to place a bet on the roulette table, and then have the ball land in the bonus pocket. It will trigger a three-reel slot with one spin. The bonus is guaranteed to pay you a prize when won, with a maximum 299:1 payout.

Honourable Mentions

These three are not the only titles worth discussing. However, they are ones that fit the exact definition of playing a side bet. If you are willing to be more relaxed about that definition, punters must try the following roulette variants!

Without a doubt, first on the list is Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette. Rather than paying extra up-front, the developers make money back through rule and paytable changes. They make it worth to the players by offering them a shot of scoring a 500x payout!

Another fun addition is double wheel roulette. This title is far more volatile than the original, due to certain wagers now requiring both balls to be won. That said, there is an opportunity for some mouth-watering wins. Definitely one of the most interesting experiences we had while writing about Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations. It is necessary to play for any roulette fan!