Things You Should Know Before Joining a Live Casino

Online gambling has come a long way from its humble roots. It started back when the internet was quite young. There weren’t many banking methods available, game graphics were extremely simple, and online gambling regulations were next to non-existent. As time went on and technology improved, we started seeing more attention turn towards online casinos.

With a growing base of customers lured in by the promise of big wins and ultimate convenience, developer ambitions grew. They sought to emulate the thrill of wagering in real casinos. And from those ambitions, Live Casino Games were born! Table games dealt by real dealers, the ability to interact with people around you in chat! It’s the closest online casinos have gotten to the real thing.

How to Play Live Casino Games

So, how do you actually play live casino games? They work just like their virtual counterparts. Except here, you have to pay attention to an actual dealer, and you can speak with other people through chat. Since other people are in the equation, you have a limited time to make a bet, just like in real life casinos!

The fact other players are involved also means there is no demo mode available. This might seem a bit unfair, but it makes sense. The video you’re seeing of the live dealer is being broadcast live, at all times. That kind of thing is very costly! So, if you want to play a live dealer game, you will have to register an account and play with real money from the get-go.

Some casinos offer promotions specifically aimed towards live casino players. Like always, bonuses vary from website to website, so make sure to carefully check the promotions. Sometimes, bonuses will not specifically target live casino games, but will apply to them regardless.

Another thing to keep in mind is that different live casino tables will offer different betting ranges. It might seem as if there are ten blackjack tables that are exactly the same. But mousing over or clicking on the tile will usually reveal they have different table limits! Software providers and operators tend to be upfront about this information, so there’s no need to worry. Even if you accidentally open a high limit table, you can just quit out and find one better suited to your budget.

Live dealer game

Enjoy live casino experience on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Game Selection at India-Facing Live Casinos

While there are plenty of live casino games for Indian players to choose from, none of them are being played in Hindi. It’s a shame, especially since certain developers, like Evolution Gaming, carry live dealer releases in other languages.

As we previously discussed, live casino games tend to be an expensive venture. As such, software providers mostly focus on the most popular table games releases. You won’t live casino Keno floating around anywhere! Instead, it’s all about the big four games: baccarat, roulette, blackjack and poker.

Most of the time, software providers offer slightly different rules on their tables. Play three live roulette tables with three different developers, and you’ll probably find slight changes in each one! We were also able to find several popular variants of existing games. French roulette, Punto Banco baccarat, Double Exposure blackjack, that sort of thing. Again, not all software providers carry these. So you’ll have to get lucky to find the specific variation you might have been gunning for.

A Few More Tips

Live casino games are played in real time. There’s no way to pause the release, or to make it wait while you make your decision. Rounds are played and keep going even if you aren’t making any wagers yourself! Certain releases can have a limited number of seats. If all of them are full, you will have to wait for someone to leave, or find a different table, just like in brick and mortar casinos.

So, even if you might be sorely tempted to chat with your fellow players, don’t forget to make your bets! A lot of developers nowadays have introduced the option to re-bet the same wager you did last time. Despite that, remember to stay focused on what’s going on in front of you. Wouldn’t want to miss a potential win just because you forgot to put a wager down!

Yes, live chat is a thing, and it’s easily the best part of live casino games. Interacting with your fellow players and the dealer makes any release that much more enjoyable!