Online Gambling Restrictions: How to Use VPN

While online gambling in India is a thing, there are several restrictions placed on it. It is not legal, leading to plenty of annoyances. Our deposits and withdrawals are usually blocked if we try to do them through debit cards and wire transfers. There are no protections in place in case someone makes off with your money.

That said there are places that have it worse: where you cannot even access the website! Our country has not taken it so far, but there is no telling what may happen in the future. As a result, we advise looking into a VPN to protect your privacy and circumvent restrictions. Join us as we take a closer look at VPNs and their functions!

Some Things to Note

Before we get started, you should know many online casinos are not too fond of VPNs. Many websites state in their terms of service that you are not allowed to use one. If you plan to use a VPN while playing, this is something you must consider! Check whether it is allowed before you sign up and start playing. You do not want to have your account blocked for it after you have gotten some big wins!

In addition, a VPN is not a catchall solution to all internet privacy problems. We advise looking into the topic further if you are interested. If we covered everything, this article would take forever to get through!

What is a VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It does exactly what it says on the bin: it creates a virtual network for your computer, through which all of your data is sent. With a standard internet connection, this network is the one configured by your service provider. That means they can see everything you do through that connection. Most importantly for us, they can see and block websites you visit.

Using a VPN means you are rerouting your internet traffic to a virtual provider. As a result, your ISP no longer knows what websites you visit. You can pick a connection from the same country for better speed, or you can pick a different country. This allows you access to casinos you may not usually be able to view.

What to Look for in a VPN?

When picking a online casino payment method, we look for a level of privacy. Depositing and withdrawing money through an e-wallet only shows transactions to the e-wallet. It does not show where that money came from and where it went. The VPN you choose should have a similar setup.

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Playing casino games online using a VPN.

Ideally, you want to choose a provider that does not keep any logs. This means that the moment their connection processes the website you visit, it deletes it from their history. Many VPNs do this in order to maximize the privacy protection it offers to their users. The government cannot receive any data from the VPN company if the data was not saved in the first place!

Another important part is to have as many countries available. Routing your connection through Britain can give you access to many new casinos. At the same time, you may experience slowdowns due to the distance. Sometimes, you will want to pick something closer to home for higher speeds. Besides, you will not only use the VPN for gambling. It can also help you access foreign streaming services with better show selections.

Worth Using One?

While there are many benefits to using a VPN, there is no denying it is not an essential service. Many people use the internet every day without one, and they are doing just fine. ISPs still have not begun restricting access to foreign gambling websites. Until they start doing that, you will not need to use a VPN.

As a result, many punters may decide that extra money could be better spent elsewhere. While there are free VPNs out there, they come with their own obvious downsides. staff advise steering clear of them. They are most likely collecting your data and selling it to advertisers.

If you decide to get one, look through several options before deciding. Check both review websites and social media before deciding on one over the other. Finding the perfect balance between privacy, convenience and cost is something only you can do. However, the peace of mind it brings is priceless.