Online Casino Safety Tips for Indian Players

Internet users nowadays enjoy a fair bit of protection. If you stick to reputable websites and don’t dabble in piracy, odds are, you won’t ever encounter any malware. But while this is true for the likes of Google and Facebook, anyone who knows anything about online casinos will know the story isn’t so clear-cut.

Playing online has brought down regional restrictions, and made the experience of enjoying a round of blackjack that much more engaging. But when all your games are run by computers, and the casino is just a website, you have to be careful. As such, the team at decided to compile a few safety tips for our loyal readers!

Licensed Only

There are plenty of casinos for players to pick from. And with so many options, choosing the right one can be a nightmare. But one relatively easy quality check is to confirm whether or not an online casino is licensed by a regulatory authority. The two most reputable regulators currently are the UKGC and Malta’s Gaming Authority.

Websites licensed by either of these authorities are subject to strict rules they must obey. These rules are in place to protect gamblers. And while they’re primarily aimed at British and European players, these protections extend to all gamblers, including Indian players!

Read the Terms

Yes, we know, reading sucks. Reading a massive document that’s purposefully made to look complicated is even more so. But a detailed look through the terms and conditions is a one-off sacrifice that can pay off immensely.

What’s written there effectively controls what kind of experience you will have playing at that particular online casino. We know of a few websites which, as a rule, do not pay progressive jackpots in one sum. Instead, you’re given monthly payments. If the casino has a withdrawal limit, that means yours will be maxed out for the foreseeable future. That’s why you have to read the fine print in detail before making your choice.

Picking Payment Processors

Choosing the right banking method to deposit and withdraw money from a casino is crucial. And not only because of the legal situation in India and the issue with accepting gambling transactions. Your choice of payment processor may also serve as a way to protect your identity and banking information online.

How to stay safe at online casinos

Things you need to pay attention to when playing at online casinos.

If you choose an unsafe casino, you may find yourself a victim of identity or financial theft. Even if the website uses all the proper security channels, leaks can still happen by accident. Nobody wants their credit card number floating about on the dark web. As a result, we suggest using e-wallets when playing with any casino you’re uncertain about.

Read the Reviews

Trust your fellow players! A very easy way to pick up on whether or not a casino is safe or not can be to just see what others are saying about it. We also offer a big list of casino reviews, where we do our best to highlight the best options for Indian gamblers.

Of course, there is a caveat to consider. A lot of times, feedback from players can be extremely negative. Odds are, if you’re satisfied with a website, you’re not going to stop playing to go praise it. But if you’ve lost a lot, had your money taken, or had your account closed, that’s something you’ll want to raise attention to.

So if there’s just one or two negative comments about a casino, it may not be the worst thing in existence. But if there’s a steady stream of negativity towards a website, it might be a good idea to skip it in favour of another casino.

Genuine Software Only

It’s not uncommon for operators to inflate their number of games by bringing in low-quality software providers. Not only that, shady websites will sometimes use stolen software from reputable developers! Definitely something worth researching before you sign up to a casino and give them all your details.

We also recommend looking at our list of online casino software providers. Here, we list and review some of the very best developers whose games Indian gamblers can play. If the website you’re signing up for has genuine software from these companies, odds are you’re in good hands.