Online Casino Refuses to Pay out Your Winnings: What to Do?

It’s the situation every online punter fears. You’ve finished a session with a massive win!  You’ve gone through the trouble of having all of your documentation checked and verified. By all accounts, everything is ready, and the money should be there. But the money isn’t coming. Or even worse, your account is suspended!

First and foremost, don’t panic. If you’ve followed our choosing an online casino guide, you will have recourse in every situation. All that’s left is to determine what’s causing the issue between you and the casino. And once you know what the problem is, it’s time to take action to solve it. We’ll start with the most likely culprit: the promotions.

Casino Bonuses

Everyone likes promotions. They’re flashy and offer a fantastic deal. A hundred free spins and bonus cash? Who wouldn’t want to sign up! But there’s no such thing as free lunch, especially not when a business is involved. In order to protect their interests, websites will attach detailed terms and conditions to their bonuses.

A good casino will do its best to write this in simple English so everyone can understand. But there are a lot of players in the world, and their knowledge of the language may not be enough. Most experienced punters will recognize things like wagering requirements and max cash out rules. But newbies may miss some important restrictions.

One of the most common culprits is accidentally not noticing and breaching the maximum wager. Which is why we here at Indian Casino Club advocate so hard for reading everything in great detail! Unfortunately, if you breached any of the bonus terms, the casino is perfectly within their rights to deprive you of your winnings. All you can do is pay more attention next time around.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are thrilling! Out of thousands of players, you get chosen as the lucky one to claim the top prize! Naturally, this means all of those rupees are immediately yours, right? Well, kind of. All casinos have a withdrawal limit. But only some operators apply that limit to progressive jackpots, too.

Casino withdrawal rejected

What are your options when online casino refuses to process your cashout?

Sadly, India does not have regulations like the United Kingdom. If a casino wants a license to operate there, they must play all progressive jackpots in full to the punters. If a casino has a monthly withdrawal limit which applies to progressive jackpots, there’s nothing you can do but be patient. Your money will be paid eventually.

Contact Support

No matter what, this is an important step. Most of the time, casinos aren’t out to scam you. Their support staff will usually be able to explain what went wrong. Maybe you need to upload additional documents. Or they can make you aware of a rule violation you didn’t see at the time. Be civil and polite, and you’ll usually go a long way.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be sceptical. Especially if some time has passed, and the casino keeps finding new excuses to not pay you. Even worse, they may even stop replying to your e-mails or live chats all-together! Our suggestion is to record all communication you keep with the casino. It may come useful for the next step.

Contact the Regulator

Almost every online casino operates with a license issued by a regulator. The license requires websites to run everything fairly. So if you were unjustly banned and the casino took off with your money, you have a solid case. Gather up all your evidence, and seek out the license holder for that particular casino! You can usually find this information at the bottom of the casino’s page, or in their terms and conditions.

When contacting the authorities, make sure to include all the information you’ve gathered so far. They receive a lot of complaints, so you want yours to have lots of evidence. If your English isn’t great, you should also consider a professional translator.

Go Public

Over the years, players have converged on specific websites as a way to raise issues against offending casinos. We recommend taking this step only when you’ve done everything else we’ve mentioned. The threat of getting a negative reputation will force many operators to the negotiating table.

File your complaints with Casinomeister, AskGamblers and ThePogg. They may not be able to get your money back, but at the very least they’ll be able to keep others from getting scammed.