Less Common Online Casino Bonuses

Sometimes, you can get caught up in all the intricacies of choosing a casino. It’s not a complicated process, but it’s one you should be thorough about. And in our search for the optimal choice, we can forget to have a bit of fun! And one of the best ways to enjoy your time at any online casino is to use its bonuses.

While it may seem like most websites just offer the same deposit match promotion, that’s not always the case! Certain operators like to mix it up by offering different types of bonuses, which don’t fit that norm. In this article, we’ll take a look at some less common online casino promotions. Check them out if you’re looking to shake up your gambling experience with something different!


This bonus is quite easy to understand. The explanation is right there in its name! Naturally, as the casino is giving you part of your money back, it’s not something you see often. With operators we’ve reviewed, it seems to be a deal usually saved for VIP players. Depending on where you play, the cashback can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Wagering requirements aren’t set in stone. Usually, websites will place a wagering requirement as a way to limit you. So while you may receive part of your losses back, you still have to play through them before you can withdraw. Other times, the promotion will not have any wagering requirements but will be limited to a small or medium-sized cash figure.

A small thing to keep in mind if you choose to use the cashback promotion: check the T&C. Some operators will place a rule where cashback will only be paid if you lose the entirety of your deposit. Not all casinos do this, but enough of them do that we have to warn you. Be careful, and enjoy your extra funds!

Refer a friend

Refer a friend promotions have been around for as long as we can remember. Which is why we find it surprising they’re not more common! Most large online casinos tend to have this offer, though conditions vary wildly between them. The most common approach is to invite your friends to join. Then, after they make a deposit, you receive funds. Usually without any wagering requirements, but we’ve seen both cases.

Not all casinos go this route, however. Some websites will reward players with free spins for their most popular games. Others will instead grant you loyalty points, giving you a boost in their VIP programme!

Refer a friend bonus

We take a look at some of the less famous online casino bonuses.

In case an operator does use wagering requirements, they usually range between 30x to 40x your total deposit. Some casinos will also limit your maximum cash-out with this promotion, which means you’ll have to bring in even more friends to play!

Live Casino bonuses

Live casino games are all the rage nowadays. The ability to play your favourite games against other punters online is a transformative experience! With these releases, we come one step closer to removing the barrier between brick-and-mortar and online casinos. As the demand for these games grows, so does the pressure to add bonuses which target them!

Most fans of live dealer releases know that their games aren’t eligible for regular promotions. As a result, there are separate bonuses, specifically aimed at the live casino crowd. We’d like to say that these promotions are interesting. Sadly, that’s not the case! In almost all cases, the offered bonus was just a deposit match promotion, which applied to live dealer games.

It’s worth noting that these match bonuses tend to be much smaller than their slot counterparts. But while the maximum sum is lower, the promotion offers larger, or full wagering contribution from live dealer releases. Wagering requirements tend to sit around 40x, though you can find an occasional 30x if you look hard enough.

Closing Thoughts

We personally love these bonuses. They’re a nice break from the standard deposit match and free spin promotions we’re used to. Our hope is that interest in these bonuses will help them become more common and that we’ll see more of them! That way, punters will be able to enjoy new experiences and better deals as a result of more competition! If that happens, rest assured Indian Casino Club will keep you in the loop.