Most Popular Online Casino Payment Methods

As the internet continues to grow, so does the number of payment methods offered for casino members. However, due to unclear online gambling regulation, not all payment options are equally good. Players often cannot rely on the same payment processors that international audiences may like. As such, we will go over some of the most popular online casino payment methods Indian punters can use!

E-wallets: Easy and Convenient

When it comes to any kind of online payment, e-wallets are proving to be some of the best options available. Signing up to one is a relatively quick process, and it works using your existing debit cards as a basis. You link a card with your e-wallet, and are then able to transfer funds to and from the e-wallet.

The costs of e-wallets are different depending on which one you choose. Nowadays, most options will only charge you when you try to withdraw funds from your e-wallet. That said, if you keep your funds within their system, you are able to transfer and use them freely!

Most players choose Neteller or Skrill as their e-wallet payment methods for online casinos. This is because a massive number of operators supports these e-wallets. That said, there are other options out there that you can also use. Just make sure whatever e-wallet you choose gives you an option of using multiple currencies. Rupees are not supported on all websites, so you might need to use another currency.

Cryptocurrencies: Privacy and Security

While definitely the new kid on the block, cryptocurrencies have been gaining ground in India. In March 2020, the country’s Supreme Court struck down the ban on crypto transactions, prompting a massive surge in popularity. Of course, daunting prices of Bitcoin and others can be a bit off-putting. Fortunately, we can use a variety of cryptocurrencies for online casino deposits.

Bitcoin currency

What are the most popular casino payment methods?

The technology behind this ‘virtual money’ is what helps make it secure. With the power of blockchain, there is no cheating the system. No one can suddenly grant himself or herself a few Bitcoin, as the discrepancy would quickly be picked up on. Thanks to some smart design and cryptography, the system is able to self-regulate for fraud.

On top of that, it is a currency that offers both security and privacy. Unfortunately, the mechanisms behind it are still not well understood by many people. If you have never used cryptocurrencies, we recommend researching them before spending any money. This will help you find reliable places to buy crypto and things you should watch out for when using it.

MuchBetter: Mobile Wallet with a Plan

With the rise of e-wallets and smartphones, many smart developers decided it would be a good idea to combine them. This has given rise to mobile wallets, which operate as a smartphone app. You download the app, transfer some cash inside of it, and can then use it, similar to an e-wallet. It is simple and effective; which is what we are looking for at Indian Casino Club.

Now, with so many options: why did we recommend MuchBetter? Well, we know for sure it is available for Indian users. It is easy to download and top up, and it is supported in many online casinos. The company is in Europe, and is subject to GDPR regulations. This is great news for players who care for their privacy and security on the internet.

However, the best thing about MuchBetter is the option to request a free prepaid Mastercard. Once you have it, you do not need to transfer funds away from your MuchBetter account. Instead, you can withdraw funds directly from your account without having to wait for them to appear in your bank. This extra convenience sets MuchBetter far ahead of other mobile wallets we used.