Most Popular Online Baccarat Side Bets

Baccarat is a straightforward game. While parts of it may seem complicated, it is far easier to master than other popular card-based tables. This simplicity makes it a go-to for many players who want quick and easy fun, ourselves included! Fans of the game immediately understand that it will not offer the same level of strategy blackjack might.

However, there are punters who would like a little more complexity added to the game. Not to the level of remembering charts of the right moves you need to make, of course. For those players, baccarat side bets are the best way to spice up their favourite game. Which is why we will discuss some of the most widespread and entertaining side bets currently on the market!

What are Baccarat Side Bets like?

Like many other casino games, baccarat side bets are additional wagers you place for a chance at an extra prize. They are optional and are not required in order to enjoy the base game. They offer better prizes than standard wins to make up for the extra cost of playing them. The bigger rewards tend to come with higher house edges. They are the definition of higher risk and higher reward.

While it may feel like it, Evolution’s Lightning Baccarat does not fall into this category. There, the multipliers and extra fee are baked into the rules of standard gameplay. That release does not give you the option to opt-out of the multipliers. In doing so, it very clearly draws a distinction between a variant and a side bet. Regardless, both are very fun and worth looking into!

Perfect Pairs

One of the most iconic baccarat side bets has to be Perfect Pairs. It is also one of the simplest, making it a perfect introduction. If the first two drawn cards in either the banker or the player hands are pairs, you win the side bet. How much you win depends on how perfect the pair is and if it appeared in one or both hands.

If the two cards have the same value but a different suit, it will pay less compared to a pair with a matching value and suit. On top of that, getting a perfect pair in both hands is guaranteed to give a fantastic prize!

Super 6

You may not have heard of this side bet before. That entirely depends if you have ever tried No Commission baccarat! In recent years, it has gained popularity as one of the more popular live dealer baccarat variants. In ordinary baccarat, punters have to pay a 5% fee when they win a banker bet. This is because the banker wins more often than the player does, and the casino has to make up the difference.

Live No Commission Baccarat

If you are looking for premium excitement check out some popular side bets in online baccarat.

In No Commission baccarat, players no longer have to pay that extra commission. Instead, you are paid less if your banker win’s total sum is six. Punters can make up this lowered payout by placing a Super 6 side bet. Rather than just winning a 0.5:1 prize, they can score a delightful 15:1 win instead!

Dragon Bonus

We saved the best for last! This is the favourite side bet of most Indian Casino Club staff, and for good reason. In baccarat, winning margin usually does not matter. If your score is better than the opponent is, then you win the round and the standard payout. Dragon bonus gives you a way to monetize good luck with fantastic cash prizes!

If you wagered on this side bet, you receive increasingly higher rewards depending on how better your hand is. Beating the opponent by nine points can earn you a whopping 30:1 payout! As the point difference decreases, so do the prizes you win.

Of course, personal preference is only half of it. Another great thing about the Dragon bonus is that it circumvents the high house edge most side bets have. A 2.65% house edge awaits you if you play this bonus on the player hand.


If you decide to check out baccarat, you are bound to come across one of these three side bets. If you have some extra cash in your pocket, trying them out can award an occasionally higher prize. Try them out: you may be surprised how fun some of them can be!