Lightning Baccarat: Boost Your Payouts with Random Multipliers

Baccarat rarely gets the same attention blackjack and poker do. Sure, they’re all played with cards, but they attract vastly different crowds. Poker is a game of bluffs, luring the competition into your trap. Blackjack promises an amazing RTP for players who can master its rules. In contrast, baccarat lacks a similarly unique selling point.

Of course, that might be about to change. As always, Evolution Gaming is about to shake up the game as we know it! And if you’re familiar with their Lightning series, you’ll know exactly what to expect! So if those plain regular wins aren’t enough, we have the perfect release for you!

Listing off the Differences

You’d think a title like this would draw a lot more changes. But no, Lightning Baccarat plays almost identically to the real thing! The punters bet on whether the player or dealer hand will win, or if it will be a tie. Then, when all stakes have been made, the dealer places the cards on the table. If you guessed correctly, you win! Guess wrong, and the casino makes off with your money.

The obvious addition to this game are the multipliers! Up to five cards are selected from a virtual deck of 52 cards. Furthermore, each of these cards has a randomly assigned multiplier value. This value can be 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 8x. You can see if one of the multiplier cards is in play because there will be a floating multiplier above it. And yes, the multipliers can combine, high enough to push the winning cap!

One thing we must draw your attention to is the presence of a Lightning Fee, worth 20% of your bet. This is applied to your total bet once all the stakes have been put down. Make sure to consider it when placing your wagers!

Another thing worth noting is the presence of a side bet you can play with every round. When making your bet, you’ll see the P Pair and B Pair wagers. If a pair appears on the player or bettor side, you win the side bet. You can score this 9:1 prize even if you lose the main stake, which is always nice.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Evolution Gaming launches Live Lightning Baccarat. Learn more about this fast-pace game.

How to Win?

You’ll notice that, despite the changes, the core baccarat gameplay remains the same. That means punters can safely employ our baccarat strategy to increase their odds. Avoid wagering on ties, and don’t go overboard with how much time you spend on the table. Of course, those are the general tips. But how do you account for the multipliers?

The answer is… you really can’t. Lightning Baccarat can offer amazing multipliers. But when those multipliers appear is completely random. As are the values that will be assigned to each card. And if that card will even appear on the board! There are so many random factors involved, it’s impossible to plan for them. Treat is as a standard side bet. Once that can award some impressive wins!

We already mentioned there’s a chance the multipliers will drastically boost your payouts. In fact, a winning bet on a Tie with six matching Lightning Cards can grant a 262,144x multiplier! Evolution Gaming themselves limited it to a maximum win of €500,000, or about ₹39,000,000!

Is It Worth It?

It depends if you enjoy regular baccarat or not. At Indian Casino Club, it never quite caught our attention. It just lacked the options other card games could offer us. Now, with the presence of multipliers that can drastically increase your wins? We couldn’t resist but to play a few rounds, and promptly got hooked on the game.

Honestly, the multipliers are such a game-changer, that anyone who’s remotely interested in baccarat should try this release. Whether you’re a veteran who knows all the strategies, or if you’re completely new to the game. And after you try it, you’ll know for sure if it’s the right release for you.