Lowdown on Best Microgaming Table Games

Over the years, many software providers have entered the table games market. While not as thrilling as slots, they have a loyal fan base who sticks to them. Nowadays, it feels like every developer has their own suite of table games you can play. Long ago, your selection was a lot more limited. That was when Microgaming’s table games truly shined!

Since then, they have fallen a bit by the wayside. Despite this, no other software provider adapted many fun and unique casino games that Microgaming did all those years ago. Discussing the entirety of their impressive list of games would take too long. Instead, we will highlight the best ones, and let you decide if they are worth your time!

Jacks or Better

Video poker takes a bit of time to get just right. In our Top 5 Video Poker Tips, we advised practising your game. It will help you figure out what cards you want to play versus the ones you want to keep. As you improve your skill, your odds of keeping the right cards to create a winning combination also increase. That said, would it not be nice if the developers could do it for us?

That is exactly what Microgaming programmed in their Jacks or Better video poker game! Select the bet you want to play, and press the Deal button. Five cards will be drawn as normal, but the release will auto-select what cards you should keep. You can choose to overwrite this if you disagree with the computer’s strategy by clicking on the cards.

If you already have a guaranteed win, the paytable will flash. This lets you know what sort of winning combination you can expect. If you are only interested in bigger wins, you may opt to deselect a guaranteed smaller prize. This table game helps you along and is perfect for new players still learning the ropes. At the same time, it gives you control if you do not want to follow its advice.

Sapphire Roulette

We remember spending many hours with Microgaming’s online roulette back in the day. While we enjoyed our time with those games, there is no denying they would be a little bit outdated nowadays. Fortunately, the team is aware of this. They are adapting quite a few of their table games to a new platform and giving them a visual upgrade along the way.

Sapphire Roulette looks gorgeous. All the information is laid out clearly, and the user interface helps you understand what is happening. Hovering over a bet will highlight all numbers that fall under it. After a win, the winning number will be marked. A constantly updating hot and cold table is present, which fills in based on your results!

Sapphire Roulette Table

Even though they are mostly famous for slot games, Microgaming has developed some nice table games as well.

Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold

When it comes to popular blackjack side bets, Perfect Pairs takes the cake. It is simple to understand and provides a nice payout increase here and there if you are willing to take the extra risk. Nowadays, we are used to having this side bet as just one of several options we can play. Back in the day, Microgaming built an entire blackjack table specifically designed around it!

It is still more than worth playing, in our opinion. We can play not one but five different hands! Each hand also has its separate side bet. We do not advise playing multiple hands if your budget is limited. It can very quickly eat into your funds if you are not careful.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

As far as online blackjack goes, finding a single deck game can be very difficult. This is something we experienced quite a few times while covering Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations. Whenever we had the craving for some fun single deck action, we would come back to Vegas Single Deck Blackjack.

Punters familiar with Microgaming’s other blackjack tables will find it immediately familiar. That said, there are some sacrifices you have to accept in exchange for the single deck. You cannot play multiple hands, nor do you have access to any side bets. These are minor things, but you will miss them if you are used to them.

No matter which table game you select, we guarantee you will have a lot of fun. Try each one, and see which ones suit you best!