Top 5 Video Poker Tips

We as players can sometimes get distracted with the flashy, new things software providers offer. The thrill of playing against a real dealer immensely enhances the experience. New slots offer gorgeous graphics that make them a visual feast. Just about every type of casino game has improved over the years. As we enjoyed everything new that is on offer, we ended up forgetting a very important release.

Video poker is a timeless classic of brick-and-mortar casinos. It was fairly popular among operators in online spaces for a time. That said, it was eventually eclipsed by table games and live dealer releases. In spite of everything, video poker remains one of the best titles to play in an online casino. Use our tips, and you will drastically increase your odds of winning!

Research the Variant

One problem we always had with video poker were its many variants. They play similarly but had slightly different rules and payouts. It can make recommending them seem intimidating. That said, you should not let the huge selection discourage you. Look at it as an opportunity instead. If you ever get tired of one particular version, you have many options to play instead!

Look through the different video poker and find which one suits you best. From our experience, Deuces Wild offers the best odds of winning. That said, there are other video poker variants that can tempt you in other ways. You can occasionally find one or two that give you a shot at winning a progressive jackpot. If that sounds appealing to you, you may opt for that kind of game instead.

Either way, once you make your choice, look into the details. Unlike most casino games, a functioning video poker strategy exists that gives you a noticeable advantage. It requires slight adjustment depending on what game you pick. Most online casinos that host these titles usually offer the same few variants.

Practice Makes Perfect

This step is not as important as it might be for other releases. Video poker is played offline, against a computer. There are no time limits rushing you along. Really, there is nothing stopping you from starting to play with real money immediately. You can pause, double-check your strategy, and come back.

Jacks or Better Full House

Best tips for playing Video Poker online.

While this works, we do not feel it makes for compelling gameplay. Our advice would be to practice for a bit before going for the real-money version. When you are comfortable with the way the game works, video poker becomes a lot more fun. Combine that with the thrill of profit, and you will be hooked! That is what reeled so many of Indian Casino Club staff in, after all.

Maximum Coins is Preferable

Video poker comes from a different era of casino gameplay. Nowadays, even slots have dispersed with the idea of coins and coin values. However, video poker has not. You can play several coins at once. The more coins are in play, the bigger the reward will be. No matter if you want to score the royal flush or a progressive jackpot, you will need the biggest possible bet to make it count.

Control Your Spending

Part of what sets this game apart from live casino releases is the ability to play at your pace. Most titles will offer some way to speed up gameplay. Some punters can pause for a moment to keep their senses in check. Of course, that is much more difficult to achieve when you have just gone through a winning streak.

As a result, we highly advise practising our casino money management tips when playing. They help you avoid being caught in the heat of the moment. If you play it smart, you can influence the results of just about every video poker round. That said, there will be times when the right cards simply will not come out. In those cases, it is better to take a break than trying to force a win through.

Multihand Video Pokers are Great

If you never played video poker before, you may be surprised that many games come with the ability to play several hands at once. We are not talking about playing two or three at a time either. It can go up to one hundred hands at the same time! This is a fantastic option, but we only recommend it for experienced players. It can be easy to lose track of your funds when playing with so many hands at once.