How to Play Three Card Rummy

The versatility offered by a single deck of cards is quite impressive. The same set of cards led us to globally popular releases like poker and blackjack. Even local successes like Andar Bahar do not make any changes to the decks we use to play. This near-limitless potential has left us with many fantastic games. Three Card Rummy is just one of them!

While not as widespread as other titles, this release has found a loyal audience among Indian players. It offers a great RTP while giving us easy to understand the gameplay, making it an instant favourite for punters! In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to play Three Card Rummy effectively.

Breaking Down the Basics

Before the round starts, you can choose how much you want to wager. The exact details will vary between the software provider and online casinos. What does not change is the fact you can place bets on the Ante and Bonus segments. Wagering on the Ante is mandatory, but the bonus is optional for players looking for a riskier stake.

After setting up your bet, you start the round. The dealer will draw three cards for the player, and three cards for themselves. Your three cards are added up, forming a point sum of your hand. Your goal is to make sure your hand has a lower point total compared to the dealer’s hand. If you are happy with your hand, press the Play button. If you do not think you can win, you should Fold instead.

three card rummy strategy

Three Card rummy has a loyal audience among Indian players.

Each card’s number represents its point total. For example, if you draw two, it will be worth two points. Aces are worth one point, while king, queen and jack are all worth 10 points. If you have two or three matching cards, their point total will be counted as zero. The same happens if you have two or three cards of the same suit that are numerically adjacent. This is helpful in keeping your point total low!


You can win in one of two ways. The first is for the dealer to fail to qualify. For this to happen, their point total must be worth 20 points or more. The second option is that your hand’s point total is lower than the dealers own is. If you have 13 points and they have 15 points, that makes you the winner of that showdown!

In both cases, the amount of money you win does not change. Instead, it depends on the point total your hand has. If your point total is more than 19, you get a standard 1:1 payout and a push on your Play wager. The remaining payouts are as follows:

  • 6 to 19 points – 1:1
  • 1 to 5 points – 2:1
  • 0 points – 4:1

Bonus Bet

Similar to blackjack, Three Card Rummy is a game you grind. However, it offers a rather limited maximum payout. Players who do not mind decreasing their win chances for a shot at a bigger prize have the option of Bonus Bet. This side bet pays according to the number of points you collected. Best of all is the fact it pays even if you lose the main bet against the dealer.

  • 13 to 30 points – loss
  • 11 to 12 points – 4:1
  • 7 to 10 points – 1:1
  • 1 to 6 points – 2:1
  • 0 points – 25:1
  • Suited A-2-3 – 100:1


Many of us look for the most optimal way to play our favourite games. No matter how complex or simple, we want a good game strategy to give us an advantage. Despite being so simple, this release has the best way to play, and it is super easy to follow.

If your hand’s point total is more than twenty, you should fold. Your odds of winning in such a case are low. Even if you did win, you would only get your money back on the play bet. At the same time, if your hand point total is less than twenty, you should go through with it. At that point, the extra cash prize is worthwhile.

Choosing to stick to the most optimal approach also means you will not be playing the side bet. If you are willing to make this sacrifice, then Three Card Rummy’s house edge will be as low as 1.93%. An awesome number compared to its competitors in the world of Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations.