How to Play Playtech Buffalo Blitz Live Slots and How Live Slots Work

When it comes to slots, Playtech is usually a safe bet. The software provider is well known for their Age of the Gods series. It is one of the best-known progressive jackpot titles currently on the market! Now, the developer seeks to use their extensive slot library to expand their live casino offering. A concept the developer calls Live Slots.

Today, we will take an in-depth look at Playtech’s Buffalo Blitz live. We will check out how it works, and how it differs from its single player version. On top of that, we will also give you a preview on how live slots work in general. Will this new concept take off or will it disappear into irrelevancy?

What Are Live Slots?

If you have never played a live slot before, the idea may seem strange to you. How does it even work? As it turns out, it does not take much effort to adjust games to this new format. After all, players have never had much control over the various slots they played. With live slots, the reels spin all the time.

How do you participate in a live slot? You open up the Auto Play option, and set the conditions for your upcoming spins. Players have to set the number of spins as well as how much they bet per spin. You can also set your loss limit and single win limit. Finally, you can also toggle whether Auto Play should stop if a special feature is activated.

While you have active spins, any wins that occur on the board will be added to your balance. You can only participate in special features if you have already set up an Auto Play bet. Every player gets the same prize independently. As such, it does not matter if you play along with ten or a thousand gamers. The cash prizes you receive will not be split!

The excitement builds further thanks to the host and the live chat. The host comments on what is currently happening on the reels and interacts with the chat. The chat should be familiar to anyone who enjoys live dealer games. This is where you can interact with your fellow players. It is always fun to see the chat explode with different names after a big win happens!

Buffalo Blitz Live

Buffalo Blitz Live is the first release using the live slots formula. For a first launch, Playtech has done quite well. It definitely has a professional feel, as the reels spin on a huge screen next to a host. As such, there is no denying the professional atmosphere present here. The choice of game is also quite good we have to admit.

After all, the original Buffalo Blitz was a smash success for Playtech. It was good enough that the developer ended up producing a sequel for it! Buffalo Blitz Live is a faithful recreation that offers the same special features as the original title. Even the RTP remains the same, sitting at 95.96%. The only thing that’s difference is the presentation.

Buffalo Blitz live slot gameplay

In Buffalo Blitz, when Scatters arrive on the board, you can get free spins.

When three or more Scatters land on the board, you win free spins. The number of Scatters determines how many free spins you will win. Three, four, five or six Scatters grant eight, fifteen, twenty-five or one hundred free spins, respectively. Furthermore, if two or more Scatters appear while the bonus is active, you can win more free spins. Two Scatters grant five more free spins, while other Scatters grant the same amount of free spins as before.

During free spins, Wilds can appear with a 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier attached. The multiplier is applied to all cash prizes if the Wild is part of a winning combination. Wilds can appear on all reels except for the first one. They can also appear during normal gameplay, but do not grant a multiplier.

Worth Playing?

The game left many of us at Indian Casino Club somewhat conflicted. We enjoyed Buffalo Blitz, so its live version was something we liked. However, it took some time to adjust to the different experience it offers. In the end, we leaned more towards liking it than not. We definitely recommend trying it yourselves. If you want to enjoy your big wins with hundreds of other players, Buffalo Blitz Live is a must-play.