How to Play Live Namaste Roulette by Ezugi?

Online casinos are becoming a favourite pastime for many Indian players. They are easy to access, requiring little more than an e-wallet, a phone and an internet connection. All three are easy to open, and allow you to leap headfirst into a world full of awesome games.

Software providers and operators have noticed this, as well. This is why we are seeing more online casinos and developers shift their priority onto the Indian market. However, few software providers have committed to this idea as hard as Ezugi has. Ezugi recently launched their Indian themed studio. Now, they are adding to it by introducing Namaste Roulette.

What is Namaste Roulette?

Punters looking for something different will find themselves disappointed. Apart from studio drawing from an Indian theme, it offers no new gameplay loops. It is a European roulette wheel meant to appeal to players from India. Namaste Roulette also allows punters to play the game in Hindi and Tamil languages. This is great news for our players who may not have a strong grip on English.

How to Play Namaste Roulette

Like all roulette games, this Ezugi release starts with a betting round. During this time, punters are able to bet on one or more numbers present on the betting board. The board consists of thirty-six numbers split into black and red colours and one green zero. These numbers are split across the roulette wheel. The goal of Namaste Roulette is to predict where the ball will land.

To do this, players can place a variety of different bets. You can wager on a single number, or on multiple numbers one by one. Alternatively, you can stake on the same multiple numbers through a single bet that covers several bet positions. What type of bet you go for will vary depending on what you want to accomplish.

After the bet timer runs out, all bets on the board are accepted. The wheel spins while the ball is launched in the opposite direction. If the ball lands on a number covered by your wager, you win the round. How much you receive as a reward also depends on the wager you have played. Once the payout is awarded, the next round begins.

Ezugi also included a very detailed statistics page in Namaste Roulette. It allows us to track what wagers are winning, and where most wins occurred over the last 100 rounds. This is very useful information if you plan on exploiting trends to land big wins.

Namaste Roulette’s Bets

Main bets in this game are split into two categories: inside and outside wagers. Outside bets are the backbone of popular roulette strategies. They are favoured because you have an almost 50% chance of winning each one. Available outside bets include red-black, odd-even, high-low, column and dozen. Red-black, odd-even and high-low cover 18 numbers and pay 1:1. Column and dozen cover 12 numbers and pay 2:1 instead.

Ezugi Namaste Roulette

Namaste Roulette features above-average RTP which can be achieved with strategic play.

Inside bets are the riskier option. However, they also offer better rewards to make the increased risk worth the trouble. The less numbers an inside bet covers, the better its payout will be. All inside bets, their payouts and how many symbols they cover are listed below.

  • Line – 5:1, covers six numbers
  • Corner – 8:1, covers four numbers
  • Street – 11:1, covers three numbers
  • Split – 17:1, covers two numbers
  • Straight – 35:1, covers just one number

RTP information

Namaste Roulette is identical gameplay wise to a standard European roulette wheel. This is also reflected in the game’s RTP, which sits at 97.3%. There is no way to change the return to player value. Punters can achieve this RTP by playing smart and sticking to lower risk outside bets.

Our Thoughts

While Ezugi’s release is hardly innovative, it is still an excellent addition for their Indian audience. It brings the high quality production values we expect from live casino games and makes it very accessible. The ability to play in Hindi and Tamil goes a long way to achieving that, as well.

It may not find a place in the Indian Casino Club list of favourites. However, it shows the increasing importance of India’s market on the global stage. We can only hope other developers will follow suit.