How to Lower Casino House Edge?

Casinos can be a great way to land a massive win. Many of us have heard stories of that one life-changing win or a particularly lucrative evening. If it were not possible to win, then nobody would be participating in casinos, online or not. This is all true, and yet we see more and more operators entering the business. How do casinos stay in business if they are paying out to thousands of customers every day?

The answer is something many of us are familiar with; all casino games have an in-built house edge. The house edge is an advantage the game gives operators and software providers, ensuring they always come out on top. Think of the zero on a roulette table, which prevents outside bets from covering half of the playing field. If the casino gives itself an advantage, is there a way to break it?

Bonus Hunting

In the early days of online casinos, promotions were not nearly as defined as they are now. It was the equivalent of the Wild West at the time, with terms and conditions not being 100% clear. You could do your wagering requirements with blackjack, or had few blockers stopping you from easily cashing out on bonuses. Quite a few punters took advantage of this, leading many operators to catch on to their activities.

As a result, online casino terms & conditions were tightened up as more players joined the industry. Between wagering requirements and other seemingly random restrictions, bonus scalping has been made much more difficult. However, difficult is not the same as impossible. There is a way to beat the casino house edge, but not when playing with one casino. You need to play with several at once.

Keep an eye out for exciting promotions, and hop on over to take advantage of them. Play as long as a bonus is present to keep your interest. Hopefully, you will be able to cash out with more winnings than what you started with. From there, players can leverage their gains to take advantage of other bonuses in different casinos. Make sure you thoroughly check the promotion terms, so you are not caught in a ‘trap’.

Choose the Right Games

While all of them share the title of casino games, there is a huge difference between these games. Compare blackjack played optimally compared to someone constantly betting on the Tie bet in baccarat. The first can yield a house edge lower than 1%, which the latter results in a 14%+ house edge. This is why selecting casino games with the lowest house edge is so important!

Online Blackjack table

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Of course, just launching the release will not be enough to guarantee the benefits of a higher RTP. As our example before shows, you also need to know the most optimal strategies for that title. If you plan to play blackjack, you should make sure you are familiar with the basic blackjack strategy. You should also be familiar with what rules are beneficial for you, such as avoiding 6:5 blackjack tables in favour of 3:2 ones.

For the most part, developers, operators and players have all agreed on a standard set of software. The most prominent casinos may offer interesting, rare releases with a low house edge to attract new players. French Roulette and its advantageous rules have been part of Evolution Gaming’s library for a while. That said, we have only ever seen it available with a handful of operators.

Can You Beat the House?

No matter if we discuss real-world casinos or Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations, one rule remains permanent. The house always wins. The methods we offer you give you a way to improve your odds and even leverage them to your advantage. However, both software providers and developers have fine-tuned their games since the first online casinos were available.

Ultimately, any victory you achieve will be a result of luck. Strategies are important in lowering how much the casinos grinds down your money, but they cannot stop that in-built advantage. That does not mean that you should just throw your hands up in the air and give up, though. The more dedicated you are to advantage play, the better off your budget will be in the long run. The house always wins, but we can make that victory a pyrrhic one.