Hot and Cold Numbers in Online Roulette

It’s happened to everyone. You’ve finally sat down to relax after work. Everything else can wait for an hour or two. Except your luck’s going rotten. The roulette wheel simply refuses to cooperate. And with your balance shrinking, you start looking for something to help you out. Out of annoyance, you might check the game’s statistics. And if you’re extra attentive, you’ll notice some numbers come up more often than others.

No, this isn’t some groundbreaking discovery or amazing roulette strategy. The idea of hot and cold numbers has been around for ages! Probably just as long as roulette itself. A tall feat, considering the game dates back all the way to the 17th century! We’ll give you a fair warning; hot and cold numbers won’t make an impact on your odds of winning. But if you’re already wagering at random, they’ll offer a touch of fun off the side. Fun that just might accidentally lead you to a lucky winning number!


The Idea of Hot and Cold

You can see why the idea is as popular as it is. Humans are good at noticing patterns. It’s why when we spill our coffee, our brain thinks the stain looks like a cloud or a face. So it’s tempting to think that some numbers are more likely to award wins than others. And you could argue that something like that could happen in real life. Maybe the wheel isn’t properly tuned. Even then, it’s not a strategy so much as exploiting a malfunction. Something a casino is sure to notice and eventually fix.

Even then, this can only happen for brick and mortar casinos. Their online counterparts are completely powered by RNG. A computer has already randomly selected the number when you spin the wheel. The animation just plays for the benefit of the players! Add a bit of suspense for our enjoyment, while the result has already been predetermined. So long as you choose a safe online casino, the game will always be fair. And by extent, always 100% random.

Can You Use the Strategy?

The short answer is no. The long answer boils down to this. While we can see hot and cold numbers, there’s no guarantee it’ll persist for the following rounds. The online casino software is completely random; any patterns you think you see can quickly disappear. Some punters will swear by this system regardless of that fact. If you want to use it, be our guest! So long as you’re aware you’re not giving yourself any special advantage by doing so.

What are hot and cold numbers in roulette and how they affect outcomes?

So how do you even find what numbers are hot or cold? Some roulette games will automatically highlight these numbers. But for the vast majority of tables, you will have to look at the win history manually. It’s not our personal cup of tea, we admit. But we do know some players who enjoy collecting this data and turning it into a strategy. If you’ve never done it before, we recommend trying it out. You might just get lucky and win big!


Closing Thoughts

If there’s no strategic advantage, most punters won’t bother with it. It’s something we’ve learned writing for and from personal experience. For plenty of players, the game itself is fun enough. They don’t want to bother with strategies; not if they can’t see a tangible benefit from it.

And that’s the fate that will probably await Hot and Cold numbers for roulette. You could argue that it maybe had some role to play for land-based casino games. But in the online space, where everything is thoroughly tested and verified to be completely random? It fails to give any kind of long-term advantage.

Still, if you’re looking to spice up your roulette games, we recommend at least trying it out. If the extra effort lines up with a few nice wins, it can feel quite rewarding!

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