High Limit Blackjack: Tips and Strategy

Long term readers know we’re quite fond of blackjack. We’ve written many articles detailing the game. What strategy to use when playing. What the most popular blackjack side bets are. A game where both luck and skill play a huge role in your success! Knowing exactly how to play with every hand you’re given increases your ability to win. In short, it’s the best game to play on high limit tables!

Of course, playing with a massive stake riding on each hand is stressful. A bet of a few dozen rupees can’t compare wagering thousands at once! But have no fear, dear reader. As experts in all things Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations, we’ll give you a few sure-fire tips for success. There’s no guarantee you’ll win every hand, of course. But your odds will be drastically improved!

Practice, Practice, Practice

There is a chunk of the gaming population that can afford to take huge losses. But even if you can, it doesn’t mean you should. Quite the opposite in fact! When you’re wagering big sums on each round, you’ll want to make sure you’re at the very top of your game. Yes, you can have a chart telling you how to play in another tab so you can consult it. But you should have graduated from that before you decided to play high stakes.

High limit tables, especially live dealer ones, can be unforgiving. You won’t always have the time to leisurely consult a table and swap back to make your move. It doesn’t help that some table may have different rules. This may require a slight adjustment to the blackjack strategy you’re using. But once you’ve found a table that suits you, and you’ve got it all figured out? It’s time to put it into practice and snag some big wins!

Manage Your Funds

Frankly, this is a habit you want to keep in general. But when you’re dealing with something as tempting as gambling, it’s doubly important! Figure out just how much of your war chest are you willing to part with each session. And once you find that limit, stick to it! The desire for one more round can be overwhelming at times. Especially at the heels of a losing streak. But that kind of mentality will quickly drain your balance if you’re not careful!

Live high limit blackjack

Tips and tricks for mastering online blackjack with high stakes.

High limit players are even more exposed to this. Most punters come to this level as a result of careful strategies and long-term play. The number of players that can deposit enough money to play high stakes tables is few, and far between. So every time you feel sorely tempted to spend more than you said you would? Just remember how long it took you to gather those funds. That usually sobers us up from overspending.

Optimal Rules

Anyone who’s played online blackjack knows it comes in quite a few different flavours. You may find notable differences in rules between such versions! If you look at each rule separately, it might not seem like a big deal. But add up enough of them, and you may find familiar strategies not working in your favour anymore.

We won’t list all the rules and how they can impact the game. That could probably be a whole article in itself! Find tables where dealers stand on all 17s, whether hard or soft. Some tables will also limit what cards you can re-split. Try to find games where you can re-split aces to lower the house advantage. Another rule that benefits players is Surrender. If you see you’re not winning that particular hand, you might as well get half your wager back. Better luck next time!

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a notable barrier to entry for high limit blackjack. Sure, the rules of blackjack don’t change. But when you’re dealing with such big numbers, you do whatever it takes to stay safe. Lowering the house edge with the correct strategy isn’t just a good idea. It’s an absolute must if you plan to maximize your winnings.

Still, if you have the willpower to overcome it? It’s well worth the extra effort. After your first big win on a high limit blackjack table, you’ll be hooked. And so long as you keep our advice in mind, you’ll do just fine.