Cashback Online Casino Bonuses Explained

Online casinos have a variety of tools at their disposal to attract players. Interesting casino games and good terms and conditions are two very important things we all look for. However, the best way to draw in new audiences has always been a lucrative casino bonus. That is why operators always seem to have some kind of promotion available for players. Bonuses draw people in.

A large portion of available bonuses are deposit match promotions. However, there are other options like a loyalty programme or a cashback bonus. In this article, we will look into cashback bonuses. We have already explained them in brief detail in our less common online casino bonuses article. Here, we will go in-depth on how they work and what kind of offers you can expect when accepting one.

Cashback Basics

What is a cashback bonus? This is a promotion designed for existing players and the way it works is quite simple. A portion of the funds you have spent playing casino games will be refunded back to you. In most casinos we have been in, this usually happens once a week. Operators will usually offer a cashback of 5% or 10% of the total amount you have wagered in that week.

Mind you, there are complications around each corner. For starters, the amount you can cashback is usually limited. Yes, you may be able to get a 10% cashback, but it may be capped at ₹5000. Even if you wagered more than that, you would only get those ₹5000.

Additionally, many cashback bonuses require you to make a deposit in the period it is active. For example, a cashback promotion pays once a week and has a minimum deposit requirement. If you have a good week and do not need to make a deposit, you will not qualify for cashback. This is far from ideal, which is why Indian Casino Club recommends checking the bonus T&C in detail before accepting.

Activating Cashback

This promotion can be activated in one of two ways. First, it can be incorporated as part of a larger casino loyalty programme. In that case, you will usually receive the cashback if you meet the loyalty programme’s terms. This requires you to wager a certain amount of money every month to reach and maintain your rank. In such cases, the higher your rank in the programme, the better the cashback value.

Casino cashback bonus

One of the ways to activate the Cashback bonus is to meet the loyalty program terms.

Cashbacks can also be granted as a separate bonus. If that is the case, the cashback will usually require you to make a qualifying deposit. How much and how often you have to place a deposit will be different between online casinos. Most operators we have seen offer weekly cashbacks, which incentivises members to deposit once a week.

Is Cashback Worth It?

Like with any promotion, it is good for you but it will not help you beat the casino. Cashbacks are proof that the house always wins. The fact they are willing to refund some of the money you have lost is proof of this. While you may not be able to beat the system, you can enjoy some benefits. Getting some of your funds back to play more is better than not getting anything.

Most cashback bonuses are given back as bonus cash. These funds can only be spent playing casino games, and come with a wagering requirement. Every so often, you will find a cashback promotion that pays back real money. In such cases, the funds received as part of the cashback can be withdrawn immediately. Read the terms and conditions carefully to understand which one you are getting.