Bet Behind Option in Blackjack Explained

Online blackjack was guaranteed to be a smash success. It took an already popular game and attached the ultimate convenience to it; the ability to play whenever you want. And for a time, the world was in harmony. Until live casino games came knocking on our doors!

Now, we could play online blackjack with other people and an actual dealer. It opened a whole new world of interaction and immersion that kept players entertained. But since other people were also playing, suddenly the number of spots per table quickly became limited.

Two ways of solving the problem arose. The standard solution was simply to allow an infinite number of players to play from a single seat. And while that’s great, it ruins the atmosphere of a close-knit table. Seeing what other players have, and how they play. Which leads us to the second solution to the problem: the Bet Behind option.

What is Bet Behind?

If a table has a limited number of seats, Bet Behind allows you to stay engaged in the action. You aren’t dealt a hand of your own; instead, you can watch and bet on the players themselves! If the player you wagered on wins, then you win with him. But if he loses, you also lose.

Unfortunately, there’s usually no way to communicate with the other punter. Even if you’re a blackjack ace, you can’t tell them how to play the following hand. You just have to cross your fingers and hope the person you’re betting on will make the right move. Thankfully, there are ways to figure out who’s worthy of your attention.

Most live casino blackjack tables will highlight players currently on a winning streak. How they do this usually depends on the software providers. Medals, ribbons or stars seem to be the most commonly used elements. Obviously, these signs aren’t a guarantee of a win. But they’re an easy way to check if someone is worth Betting Behind or not.

Is it Worth it?

Bet Behind can be worth every penny if you’re dealing with an experienced player. If they have mastered a winning blackjack strategy, most of their hands will be winning ones. Don’t just jump at the person with all the medals, either. Watch a few turns and see how they play. If you’re satisfied with their performance, you can put a few rupees behind them while you wait for a seat to open up.

New punters will find this bonus quite attractive. The best way to learn blackjack is experience. Watching someone with knowledge play the game can be very useful in learning the ropes yourself. But now, instead of just watching them, you also have a chance to profit!

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What is Bet Behind feature? How it works and should you use it?

And remember, don’t rush things. You don’t have to play Bet Behind on every round. You won’t lose your spot if you sit a round or two out because it looks too risky. Unlike the players, you have the luxury of choosing who you want to bet on, or even betting on multiple people! It’s not the same as playing yourself, but it does have its advantages.

Winning With Bet Behind

The end goal of every online casino game is to win. Preferably a huge jackpot, but small prizes are nice too. Bet Behind gives you a good avenue for both. When you bet on someone, you will match all of their moves. If they double their hand, your stake for that round will also be increased! Thankfully, you can usually disable automatically following a stake made by another player by changing the settings.

If you need a safe method to succeed, keep track of the most successful players. The game does this automatically by using ribbons, medals or stars. And remember, you don’t have to follow every wager. Only play bets which you feel confident about! It won’t do to lose your budget before you even get to play the table yourself!

Closing Thoughts

We have to give credit where it’s due. Bet Behind is a really fun system, if you come across another experienced punter. Being able to win even without participating in the game makes it feel more like a round of baccarat. It speaks volumes when the majority of Indian Casino Club’s contributors love a new system! So if you enjoy that release, you’ll love Blackjack Bet Behind.