Best Online Roulette Tips & Tricks

Everyone knows a few basic things about roulette. It has a wheel with numbers on it, and results are determined using a ball. You place bets trying to predict where the ball will land. The better your prediction, the more money you win. This is all you need to start playing online roulette.

However, you will need a little more than that if you want to maximize your odds of winning. That is why we have scoured the world of Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations to find useful roulette tips. Take advantage of these tricks to give yourself an edge when playing roulette.

Pick European Roulette

When it comes to roulette, you have your fair share of variations. Roulette with jackpots, or with extra rules. However, the biggest distinction between roulette versions is European and American. If you have a choice between these two, always pick European roulette.

The distinction may not seem huge at first. The only difference between the two is the addition of a double zero for American roulette. However, having two zero fields instead of just one doubles the house edge. In contrast, the house edge for European roulette is just 2.7%.

Games based around European roulette should also be on your radar. French roulette uses the European roulette layout, but adds a couple of new rules. Those extra additions lower the house edge to 1.35%! Unfortunately, French roulette is a very rare find in online casinos. As such, European roulette is your best bet.

Employ Roulette Strategies

Before you leap into this, know that roulette strategies are not as effective as their blackjack counterparts are. The results of each round are too random to be predicted with accuracy. That is why roulette strategies target equal money bets, which have an almost 50% chance of being right. They may not be the most exciting option, but they are the most reliable ones.

If you took our previous advice for the type of roulette to play, you will benefit more. The house edge listed for those games is only available playing even money bets. Inside bets have a much lower chance of winning, which they make up to a degree with better rewards.

As for which strategy to use? We leave the choice up to you. Try different ones out, and see how they perform for you. Online roulette often comes with demo mode, allowing you to try strategies at no cost. You cannot do that in a brick-and-mortar casino!

Play Live Casino Roulette

We are not saying this purely because we love live casino roulette tables. Although, we would be lying if that did not play a factor. With live casino roulette, we get to interact with the dealer and other players. All the action is streamed from a real world studio, with an actual wheel spinning and determining results.

Live Speed Roulette gameplay

We present the best tips and tricks that can help you earn some money while playing online roulette.

This opens up the opportunity to predict roulette spins you will not get in online roulette. Software powered roulette runs on ones and zeroes, which removes the possibility of slight imperfections. A slightly uneven wheel or a worn out ball track can both make it so certain numbers appear more often.

One good way of keeping track of this is to look for dominant diamonds. If a ball is constantly hitting against it, it helps you predict what numbers come up more often. This is useful, but you cannot rely on it completely. Software providers will notice imperfections and can take steps to combat them.

Be Responsible with Your Funds

Casino members that plan their budget ahead of time will always come out on top. Set aside how much cash you want to spend for the time you plan to play. If you score any wins, make sure to set one part of it aside. You could withdraw those wins, or leave them in your balance for your next gaming session.

However, you should never bet more than what you have planned or can afford. That is how gambling problems begin. Stick to your budget, and play on tables that match how much you can wager.

If you find yourself unable to keep control of your gaming habits, do not panic. Responsible gaming tools allow players to limit how much they can play, or stop themselves from playing outright.