Can You Predict Roulette Wheel Spins?

Roulette has existed in some form or another for hundreds of years. In that time, many players enjoyed the game. A few were so captivated by the wheel that they sought to understand it even better. These players were the ones to find out that roulette is not as random as it looks. Many of them took advantage of these exploits and ended up much richer. At least, until casinos caught up to what they were doing.

Nowadays, the option for taking advantage of roulette is much smaller. Online roulette games that use the random number generator are seemingly impervious. Because they are powered by software, they can be random without any real-world limitations. The same is not true for live casino roulette wheels. They have flaws and imperfections, which observant players can take advantage of.

Tracking Patterns

Part of roulette’s appeal is in its unique play structure. The game consists of a wheel and a ball. The wheel spins one way, and the ball spins in another. As the ball spins and bounces around, it inevitably lands in one of the pockets. If you correctly predicted where it landed, you win a cash prize! It can look daunting to a new player. However, with just a bit of effort, you can quickly learn enough to start having fun.

That structure is precisely what opens roulette wheels for exploitation. As time goes on, both the ball and the wheel will start losing their edge. As the ball spins, it creates imperfections on the ball track. This is the case with both older and newer wheels, though the latter are not as affected.

Another issue crops up if the wheel is even slightly uneven. One edge being millimetres higher over another can have a huge impact on the results. This is not likely to affect live dealer games, as they are played in a studio environment. There, the developers have no doubt made certain the floor is perfectly flat.

Both of these factors come into play when it comes to determining wheel results. They start to skew towards specific diamonds on the roulette wheel. Once this starts happening, you can take advantage of it. You will not be able to use these dominant diamonds to predict every round nor the exact number. However, this information will help you know where to expect the ball to land with increased frequency.

How Do Dominant Diamonds Benefit Me?

Let’s imagine we played fifty rounds of roulette. In twenty rounds, the ball hits a dominant diamond. It then stops in a number about five or six pockets away from the diamond itself. An increased likelihood for the ball to land in a specific section of the wheel is what you want.

Roulette wheel

Find out whether it is possible to predict the outcome of the Roulette wheel.

It may not seem like it will be useful at first. Even if you recognize the pattern occurring, losses may be more common than wins. Dominant diamond patterns cannot tell you exactly where the ball will land. They can point you to a section of the wheel that has a higher chance to win. This can help you overcome the house edge! This is especially useful for games like French Roulette, which already have a high RTP.

Is it Infallible?

Obviously not. No system is perfect, and this one is open to counter play by the casino to some degree. The easiest way might be to switch to a different ball. Roulette balls can be made out of different materials. Commonly used ones are acetal, Teflon, phenolic and nylon.

Manufacturers may use some or all of these materials when making roulette balls. Different materials will result in balls being more or less bouncy. A bouncier ball is more difficult to predict and can make using dominant diamond patterns less useful. Players will eventually notice the pattern again, but another ball can be swapped in at that point.

Another option is to spin the wheel faster. This is used rarely, as live casino games want to maintain a steady pace. If a wheel spins too fast, casual audiences will not enjoy it as much.

Should you take your chances with the dominant diamonds pattern? The opinion has staff split down the middle. It gives us an up on the house edge, so it feels great to use. However, it also falls under advantage play, which many online casinos forbid.