Best Online Casino Specialty Games

The world of online casinos is one that is constantly growing. Developers are always seeking to one-up another and draw attention to their games. That means a constant barrage of new slots and casino games we all know and love. At the same time, software providers occasionally release something brand new for their audiences. New titles that do not fit any gaming category we have seen so far.

These are specialty games: releases that are not afraid to break new ground. While there are not too many of these, all of them bring something new to the table. In this article, we will highlight the best ones we have come across while writing about Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations.

Evolution’s Live Game Shows

Game shows like Monopoly Live have gone from a live casino novelty to a genre of their own. The original Dream Catcher lucky wheel inspired a great deal of them. That release was followed up by other releases, which added new special features to the wheel format. It also led to the creation of our personal favourite in that space: Crazy Time!

In the meantime, Evolution Gaming has also launched game show titles that have nothing to do with lucky wheels. Releases that come to mind include Deal or No Deal, Lightning Dice and Mega Ball. While they use a different gameplay structure, the format is always the same. The host keeps players engaged, while all the results are decided using complex machines.

Arcade Games

A very rare treat, these casino games combine elements of video games with iGaming. The most well-known game of this type is Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, developed by Betsoft. The developer also launched Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove, which builds on the first title while offering the same experience. There have been other attempts at this, but none were quite as successful as Betsoft’s titles.

MaxQuest Main Game Win

What are the most popular specialty games in online casinos?

Bingo & Keno

Despite being separate titles, these two releases often come packed together. In both games, you are trying to pick a series of numbers and trying to make them match. While some elements like the number of balls change, that core gameplay loop never does. Bingo and Keno titles tend to be rare to find in standard online casinos. That said, there are operators who almost exclusively focus on online bingo and keno.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards occupy an odd place in the world of online casinos. You will never hear anyone call them their favourite game type out there. They rarely offer excellent RTPs like blackjack does or thrilling special features like slots. Despite this, you can often find scratch cards in almost every online casino.

In recent years, software providers have become creative with themes used in scratch card titles. It does not fundamentally change these releases, but it does make them a touch more interesting to play. Check them out if you want something sweet and simple to play and you only have ten to fifteen minutes to kill.