Best Live Dealer Blackjack Games

It speaks volumes to the quality of blackjack that it has persisted as long as it has. Getting started is simple, but mastering the table and its bets can take a while! Nowadays, we’re lucky we can keep a table handy when we play. Back in the day, people had to memorize each move they needed to play!

Blending easy to start but hard to master isn’t an easy feat. However, blackjack managed to pull it off! Its mechanics allow us to map the optimal play for each combination of cards you and the dealer have! Therefore, if you want to improve your chances of winning, we recommend checking out our blackjack strategy guide.

Of course, blackjack is home to many variants; especially the live casino version. Ones where some element of gameplay is altered to give you a fun and unique experience. In this article, we will look at a few of the best live dealer blackjack games that you must try for yourself.

Quantum Blackjack

Standard blackjack is slow, methodical. Every turn is calculated and every move against the dealer must be made carefully. Which is a lot of fun at first; up until you realize you want something more. Playtech comes to the rescue with Quantum Blackjack, shaking up the familiar formula with just one addition: multipliers!

The way it works is quite simple. After the first set of hands is dealt, the game will randomly assign a multiplier to some cards. If those cards form a win, the multiplier will enhance their payout! The multiplier can climb all the way to 1000x on each round.

The developers make up for the multipliers by removing the three-card bust. In case one was supposed to occur, it will be treated as a push, and not a player win.

Speed Blackjack

Don’t get us wrong. We love playing with others. However, there are times you wish the round moved faster. We mentioned it as a flaw in our RNG vs Live Dealer blackjack comparison. It’s only a matter of time until someone comes up with a clever solution. Now that we finally have it, we’re surprised nobody has done something like this before!

In Speed Blackjack, you have a total of seven slots open on a single table. When a round begins, everyone is dealt his or her cards. From there, the dealer will prioritize players who have already made the choice to hit or stand. Punters who need more time can delay for a bit but will be pushed forward by the timer.

Live Casino Lobby

Find out more about the most popular Live Blackjack variants, with Evolution and Playtech dominating the market.

Common Draw Blackjack

While we like speed blackjack, it does have a limited number of spots. Unless you snag one, you can’t really enjoy it. In contrast, Common Draw Blackjack offers an equally interesting idea that’s played by an unlimited amount of punters! Everyone playing gets the same card pair, but choose how to play it independently of one another.

Since every player gets the same pair, the speed of each round is increased. It’s the perfect title to showcase the different types of punters. At the end of your session, you can compare your score against others, and see how you did!

Blackjack Party

Live casino games are unique in the fact you play them with others. Some titles benefit from this more than others do. Watching the chat light up as you sweep a big win away on a high-risk bluff is one of the most rewarding things you can experience. It’s rather unfortunate that blackjack doesn’t have such moments.

The answer to this problem comes in the form of Blackjack Party, made by Evolution Gaming. Here, we have two dealers, who will constantly chat up players while keeping the game going. With only seven seats, they can focus on every punter to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. An amazing table for socializing, but one that is noticeably slower than your standard live dealer blackjack round.

Final Thoughts

We have covered each of these games at some point here at Each of them initially caught our eye for their innovative nature. After playing them, we properly fell in love. They gave us the blackjack we know and love, but with just a slight twist here and there. If you’re looking for the best live dealer blackjack games, any of these four is a safe bet.