All-in-One Guide to Online Casino Withdrawals

One of the best feelings in the world is getting a big win at the casino. Watching with pride as that streak of losses finally turns around to become something incredible! With online casinos, you can keep trying for big wins nearly every day! That said, it comes with a frequent question; how do we cash out? We will answer all your questions about online casino withdrawals in this article!

How to Withdraw?

The basic steps stay the same, even if the exact details differ. All online casinos give you the option of withdrawing money after they confirm your identity. Follow through with the aforementioned steps, and you will be able to withdraw money anywhere!

  • Go to the online casino website and log into your account
  • The page will have a cashier or wallet page that you need to click or tap on
  • Now, go to the withdraw option
  • This will let you choose a payment method to withdraw money. Fill in the required information. It will be saved when you want to use that payment method to withdraw money again.
  • Fill in the amount of money you would like to withdraw.
  • Double-check all the details, and confirm the withdrawal.

Waiting for Withdrawals

After going through these steps, a withdrawal request has been set. Depending on the online casino and payment method, you might need to wait for the withdrawal to be processed. Most online casinos will try to complete this process as quickly as possible. Others will keep it running for two or three business days, in hopes that you will change your mind.

Depositing money at online casinos

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Once the waiting period is over, it comes down to your chosen payment method. E-wallets and cryptocurrencies are usually processed in minutes! However, credit/debit cards take longer, between three to six days. Bank transfers can take even longer, with the longest wait we have seen being eight days!

This also does not account for the time spent with verification checks. Fortunately, these are usually done when you first withdraw money with the casino. After that is done, players are done with verifications for a while.

Withdrawal Restrictions

Sometimes, withdrawing is as simple as pressing a button. At other times, other factors can make the matter more complicated. One of the most notable withdrawal restrictions are ones imposed by a bonus. If you claimed a deposit match bonus, it will prevent you from withdrawing until you complete it. If you do end up withdrawing funds, it will most likely take your bonus money from you.

Other limitations are imposed by casinos themselves. Withdrawal limits prevent you from taking more than a certain sum per day, week or month. Specific operators also limit how much you can withdraw per single transaction. These steps are made to make it easier for online casinos to prevent fraud. Not great for us, but we understand why they are there.

When choosing an online casino, we at Indian Casino Club advise you to look at this information when picking one. The less restrictions you have in place, the easier it will be to withdraw money! Just make sure to avoid operators that impose withdrawal fees on you.