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Introduction Mega Joker Slot

We will admit, classic slots aren’t our thing. We had a blast playing them when we were younger, but online video slots spoiled us since then. With numerous special features and bigger boards, they’re just more fun. There are players who will prefer the simplicity of classic, 3-reel games, but we’re not one of them.
Mega Joker’s RTP is a stunning 99%, one of the highest we have ever seen! There’s no music playing – just the simulated sounds of a physical machine. You have a bottom and an upper reel. The upper board isn’t constantly active. Instead, to play on it, you have to sacrifice the wins you collect on the bottom playing field. Alongside that, you also have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot, which is the main attraction for this release.
It does its best to be interesting and colourful, but it’s still just a giant virtual box. There’s no interesting animations, cool symbol designs, or beautiful background images. Just you, slamming away at the spin button, praying you get lucky. And while we appreciate the effort in including two boards with better prizes, it’s just not enough for us.

How Does Mega Joker Work

Mega Joker is a high variance slot. With only a 3x3 playing field and 5 flexible paylines, even landing a regular win can be a challenge. Especially if you play with only one active winline. As a result, you can expect your balance to decrease very quickly if you’re not careful! We don’t recommend playing this game unless you’re in it for the long haul.
Your coin value can be set between ₹1.00 and ₹10.00 for each spin. By changing that and the number of active paylines, gamblers can adjust their total bet. You can wager between ₹10 and ₹100 per spin. Far from the best betting spread we have ever seen, but it works quite well for a classic slot.
With a fruit machine theme, it’s no surprise to find all the symbols are fruits too! You get cherries, lemons, watermelons, golden chests and jokers for the bottom playing field. Once you ‘ascend’, more icons are added to the mix! You also get grapes, golden bells and lucky sevens, while golden chests disappear. Three Jokers are a guaranteed win worth 200x, second only to the progressive jackpot.
Special Features:
Upper playing field: When you get a win, you have a choice. You can either collect the cash and put it in your deposit, or you can use that money to bet on the upper board. The prizes on the above playing field are better, but your wager is also doubled. And if you fail to win anything, you’ve sacrificed your prize for nothing!
Progressive Jackpot: We were hoping for something a bit more in-depth here. Instead, the progressive jackpot is randomly awarded, and has no mini-game attached.

What’s our Take?

We understand that there are players who like this style. But sadly, we aren’t one of them. Even if we were, Mega Joker is just outdated. We have seen lots of newer releases that also emulate physical machines, and look much better doing so.
In terms of gameplay, there’s not a lot to say. Having two playing fields seems interesting at first, but it’s little more than a gimmick. It’s still the same old 3-reel classic slot gameplay you either love or loathe. If you like these kind of games, then the progressive jackpot will be more than enough to win you over. Otherwise, we recommend playing something else.

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