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Magic Portals Slot Review

When in doubt, make a magic-themed slot! Somewhat cynical on our end, but it’s a formula that’s been proven to work time and again. You may not win any originality points, but not every game needs to be something special. Give us some cool magic effects and an interesting bonus or two, and we’ll be right as rain! That’s exactly what you should expect from this NetEnt release – a decent slot, but nothing mind-blowing.

While there is some music playing, it is so faint that you can barely hear it over the sounds of reels spinning. Magic Portals’ RTP is 96.64%, which is well above the current average! And while the low house edge is magical enough, the real impressive wizardry lies in the special features.

You have two magical portals on either side of the playing field. They can be used to turn symbols into Wilds or trigger free spins to increase your odds of winning. And for your efforts, you can win up to 1280x your total stake!

The graphics are good, but far from the best NetEnt has ever created. The background image is static, and icon animations are mostly absent. There are some exceptions, but you just cannot compare them to modern releases. In equal measure, we found the gameplay to be quite simplistic. If you’re looking for lots of special features, you won’t find them here!

Here’s the Facts:

Magic Portals is a low to medium variance game. As such, you can expect lots of small, frequent pays. Not enough to keep your balance in the green, but enough to keep you from getting bored out of your mind. And every so often, a dash of magic will come forth from the portals, and help you land a sizeable win! Translated to plain English? Get those bonuses ASAP!

Coins can be set between ₹1.00 and ₹100.00 per spin. By adjusting their coin value and bet level, online casino players are able to change their total bet, too. You can stake as little as ₹25, or you can wager as much as ₹2500 for each spin! This is a fantastic betting spread. It allows casual and mid-range gamblers to find the perfect wager. At the same time, high rollers can bet big, and be appropriately rewarded for the risk.

Symbols can be split into three categories: magic orbs, familiars, and sorcerers. The orbs are the least valuable icons, with each magician’s element visible in their corresponding orb. Next are familiars: the blue wolf, the green owl, and the red dragon. The highest paying symbols are the three sorcerers! The frost mage, the lightning druid and the fiery elven sorceress! The elf is key to winning the jackpot, worth 1280x your total stake!

Special Features:
Magic Portals: There are two magic portals, present on the center position of the first and fifth reel. Their position does not move or change during any of the bonuses.

Wild Transformation: If two matching icons appear in the two portals simultaneously, then all instances of that symbol will transform into Wilds. This can occur both during normal gameplay and free spins. It’s a quick way to fill the board with Wilds and drastically increase your odds of winning big!

Free Spins: Two Scatters appearing in the portals at the same time awards 10 free spins. It is possible to win additional extra turns by collecting two Scatters with the same method.

What’s our Take About Magic Portals?

Magic Portals came out in 2013. For that year, it looks gorgeous. But now, several years down the line, we can’t say the same thing. The graphics are crisp and clear, there’s no blurriness or obnoxious user interfaces. But there are also no cool animations or beautiful background images. It just lacks the same sparkle modern NetEnt releases have.

The slot stands out to us thanks to the two magic portals. The idea was quite novel at the time, and still hasn’t seen widespread use in games. Other developers have borrowed it from time to time, but nobody quite made as enjoyable as it was here. Magic Portals holds up quite well, despite the years. If you want something simple and fun, then give it a try.

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Magic Portals Slot Review
Magic Portals Slot
Magic Portals Review

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