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Lights Slot Review

We love when developers create an interesting and engaging theme. It’s not mandatory, mind you, but it helps a lot with immersion. But sometimes, slots can get away with not having a theme. The view can be breath-taking enough on its own that you don’t need justification or a story behind it. And that’s exactly what this game accomplishes. It gives us a gorgeous sunset, a tranquil waterfall, and a whole lot of fireflies. A feast for both eyes and soul.

A relaxing piano piece plays while you spin the reels in hopes of that elusive win. Lights’ RTP is 96.1%, just slightly above the current average. Chase after the fireflies, and you might just catch a special feature or two! While playing, you’ll come across guaranteed, floating Wilds that change position each turn. You’ll also get a shot at winning free spins, too! Each spin has a chance to win a 1000x jackpot prize.

Despite being released in 2014, this is still one of the most stunning NetEnt slots we have the pleasure of playing. The artists have outdone themselves – we loved almost everything on offer. We thought only having two special features wouldn’t be enough, but we were pleasantly surprised. The constantly shifting Wilds means every spin has the potential to become amazing.

Here are the Facts bout Lights:

Lights are a medium volatility game. Its core loop is quite simple. Keep spinning, and cross your fingers that you hit free spins as soon as possible. One special feature enhances the other, and not having to pay each spin increases your odds of turning a profit. And while extra turns make winning a jackpot more likely, they’re not required either.

Your coin range can be set between ₹1.00 and ₹100.00 per spin. By changing their bet level and coin value, players are able to adjust their total bet. You can stake between ₹9.00 and ₹900.00 for each spin, great for both casual gamblers and high rollers.

Symbol design is the only part of the visuals that we weren’t too keen on. Playing card royals, despite being done in an Asian style, looked far less impressive compared to the lamps. If NetEnt wanted these filler icons, they could have hung small lanterns off them. They could have kept the cool candle glow effect on all symbols, then. You can win up to 1000x your total bet.
Special Features:

Floating Wilds: During each spin, between two to four floating Wilds will appear in random positions. These are overlay Wilds that will sit on top of an existing icon, and function exactly like a Wild would. And since you’re always guaranteed to have at least two, you have good odds of landing a win with their help.

Free Spins: Collecting three, four or five Scatters will grant players ten, twenty or thirty free spins, respectively. The number of floating Wilds increases from two to four to between three and six on each free spin. It is possible to win additional free spins by collecting more Scatters.

What’s Our Take?

Hands down, Lights is still one of the best looking games on the market, despite its age. NetEnt can truly create wonderfully looking slots when they feel like it. Apart from the uninspired playing card royals, everything is serene and perfect. The background image, the animations, the gentle glow effect added to each symbol.

The gameplay and special features sealed the deal for us. This NetEnt release showed that you don’t need any bonuses to create an engaging and lucrative release. Just the right amount of math and a dash of gambling magic, and you’re good to go. Five years later, Lights is still as amazing as the first time we played it. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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Lights slot review
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