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Koi Princess Slot Review

You know anime has swept the glove when even NetEnt is getting in on the trend. Well, kind of. It’s more fair to say they put a pretty girl next to their reels, made the setting traditionally Japanese, and called it a day. We can’t say we’re huge fans of the approach, but we’re not here for the graphics. We’re here for the numerous bonuses that await!

The music evokes a traditional, oriental tune, which somehow sounds active and peaceful at the same time. Koi Princess’ RTP is 96%. And as we already said, the special features are the bread and butter of this slot! First, you have the bonus bet, that makes triggering random features more likely while improving other special features. You get four random bonuses, which mostly serve as a preview for the special features you can win later.

The background image depicts an idyllic oriental settlement. You see a beautiful waterfall, and a pretty girl drawn in an anime art-style next to the reels. The symbols are quite detailed, but their design isn’t particularly inspired. If you love chasing the numerous different special features, you’ll love this game.

Here’s the Facts

Koi Princess is a medium variance slot with a whole lot of special features to trigger. For the most part, these bonuses serve as an introduction to the special features you can trigger later. The effects of the randomly activated bonuses overlaps with ones that come attached to the bonus wheel. It’s simple, but loads of fun!

The coin range for Koi Princess ranges between ₹1.00 and ₹100.00 for each spin. By adjusting their coin value and bet level, players are able to change their total bet! You can bet as little as ₹20, or you can wager ₹2000 per spin. This is a fantastic betting spread. It leaves lots of betting options for casual and mid-range gamblers, while letting high rollers go wild!

We love the icon design in some areas, and loathe it in others. The Wild, Princess, and two familiar symbols all look like they’ve been designed with care and attention. The multiple coins on a string and the Asian-like playing card royals, however? Those just look cheap and generic. The various symbols for the different special features are also well designed, and we quite like them.

Special Features

Random Bonuses: There are four different special features that trigger at random. Both what bonus and when it is played is determined purely by chance. These special features include:

  • 5-Hit: One spin is played with a guaranteed five-of-a-kind win.
  • Random Wild: A single spin is played with four to nine Wilds appearing in random positions on the playing field.
  • Wild Reels: One spin is played where two to five reels are covered by stacked Wilds.
  • Bonus Activation: Players skip collecting Bonus icons and trigger the Bonus feature immediately.

Bonus Features: These special features can be triggered in one of two ways. Either through the previously mentioned Bonus Activation, or by collecting three Bonus symbols in the first, third and fifth reel. The four available bonuses are:

  • Sure Win Free Spins: Players get 10 free spins during which they are guaranteed to match their biggest win since the special feature started. The first free spin’s win is determined by your wager.
  • Wild Reels Free Spins: 10 Free spins are played. On each spin, between one to five reels turn Wild.
  • Bonus Wheel: This bonus is played when the Bonus Feature is first activated. The wheel can grant the two free spins, or it can pick up other prizes. These include multipliers, Double Up, Collect, Arrow, or a Coin Win.
  • Coin Win: Collected from the Bonus Wheel. Awards a cash prize.

What’s our Take?

We’re conflicted on the visuals. We don’t see the anime art-style explored often in slots, so we were curious how NetEnt would pull it off. In some areas, it works out wonderfully. In others, they took a few shortcuts, and it ends up looking awful.

As for the gameplay side of things, it’s quite simple to determine whether or not you will like Koi Princess. Do you enjoy having a mountain of special features that can grant you cool prizes? Do you like grinding until you see each one at least once? If the answer is yes to both, then you will love this NetEnt release.

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