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Jimi Hendrix Slot Review

Following the success of Guns n’ Roses, NetEnt was more than happy to keep riding the trend. Rock and roll meets slots was a resounding hit, and so, three months later, the world got Jimi Hendrix. Admittedly, it’s a much different blend of rock and roll compared to Guns n’ Roses. But we guarantee you’ll be bouncing your leg while playing the whole time!

But there’s more to this game than just one song that keeps being repeated. Jimi Hendrix’s RTP is 96.9%, almost one whole percentage point above the current average. There’s also a wide variety of available special features that players can make use of. Symbol transformations, re-spins, and pick-and-click bonus, and three different free spins special features all await the luckiest gamblers. If you want to hit the maximum prize, worth 400x your total stake, you’ll have to make good use of those bonuses.

We’re usually impressed by NetEnt’s artists, but this time around, we can’t say we were. The imagery just looks weird and cartoonish. We don’t know if the project was rushed, but it seems to lack that NetEnt polish we’re all so familiar with. Jimi Hendrix’s gameplay can be defined as filler spins until a special feature fires. If you like a big variety of bonuses, you will love this slot!

Here’s the Facts

It certainly seems like the developers want to keep a consistent theme in more than just theme. Gameplay is incredibly similar to the Guns n’ Roses game we reviewed previously. Jimi Hendrix has an almost-identical RTP, and an ever lower volatility. That means individual prizes are lessened, but the special features become even more important. So cross your fingers and hope you win plenty of them!

The coin range for this slot is set between ₹1.00 up to ₹100.00 per spin. By changing their coin range and bet level, players can also adjust their total bets! You can play for as little as ₹20, or as many as ₹2000 for each spin. Casual and mid-range gamblers will be quite happy, while high rollers will be over the moon with the maximum bet!

Admittedly, we’re not familiar with Hendrix’s work, so we might be missing something about the icon design. The playing card royals just look bland, with some random decorations thrown in here and there. Then, we have mid-range symbols like eyes, flowers, gramophone discs, hearts and a hippie pin. Finally, we have two guitars and Jimi Hendrix as the most valuable icons on the playing field. Both Jimi and one of the guitars pay 400x, which is the biggest prize you can win in this game.

Special Features

Purple Haze: When the Purple Haze symbol lands on the first reel, it transforms all playing card royals into Wilds.

Red Guitar Re-Spin: Four or more red guitars appearing on the board at the same time triggers the re-spin special feature. A re-spin is granted, and your goal is to get at least one red guitar to appear. So long as new red guitars keep appearing, new re-spins will be played.

Pick and Click: Collect three Scatters on the third, fourth and fifth reel. Here, you pick between loudspeakers, and each one has different icons hidden within. Depending on what symbols you draw, you may get a coin win, or three different free spins.

  • Crosstown Traffic: Six free spins are played with guaranteed Wilds reels. These Wild reels are always in a different position on each spin.
  • Purple Haze: Between six and twelve free spins are played. During this bonus, all playing card royals are transformed into Wilds.
  • Little Wing: Between six and twelve extra turns are played. Between three to five overlay Wilds are placed in random positions at the start of each spin.

What’s our Take?

For us, Jimi Hendrix didn’t have as much of an impact as Guns n’ Roses did. Here, we only have one song instead of five that we could choose between. The graphics were also far more refined in the Guns n’ Roses slot than in this one.

However, we do think this game is better in terms of gameplay. NetEnt dropped the volatility all the way to low, which makes special features much easier to hit. And considering this release is perfect for bonus chasers, all we can do is praise the developers.

If you’re the target audience for Jimi Hendrix, you will love every second of this slot. But if you don’t like games with lots of special features, you probably want to skip this one.

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