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Fruit Warp Slot Review

In the sea of online slots today, it’s very difficult to be innovative. Although there are many great games you can play, we must all admit that innovation has been in short supply recently. From time to time, though, some developers release unique slots which are trying to change the game and reward players with amazing prizes.

Thunderkick’s Fruit Warp slot is one of these games. The theme is a mix between (get this) fruits and sci-fi elements. The game starts with a fruit flying through a time warp tunnel, which sets the scene for what follows. It may sound crazy, but trust us – it works.

You get nine fruits on the screen, but no reels at all. Thunderkick has done an excellent job in Fruit Warp when it comes to graphics. Similar to the mega-popular Fruit Ninja, this slot features no reels or any other familiar online slot elements, being truly unique on its own. And, it’s not just the visual side that’s different. The Fruit Warp slot rewrites the rules in terms of gameplay as well.

With a RTP of 97%, a high variance, and maximum possible win of 1,100,000 coins, there’s no question about the appeal of this amazing slot. Indian casino players can enjoy this unique game on their mobile phones, with the slot being fully optimized for Android and iOS devices. If you want something different and highly rewarding, Fruit Warp is your best bet.

Time Warping Fruits

The Fruit Warp slot isn’t your typical online slot machine. It has no reels and rows and no paylines as well. Instead, you can only set your bet size (ranging between €0.10 and €100) and hit the spin button. Nine fruits will then jump to the front, with the key being to get a combo of 3 or more.

Matching three of the numerous fruits will reward you nicely. The higher the number of same symbols, the bigger the payout. For example, if you’re lucky enough to land 5 dragon fruits (pitayas), you’ll get a massive prize of 10,800 coins. Kiwanoes and watermelons pay nice as well – five of a kind will bring you 2,250 and 2,100 coins respectively.

You’ll find no other symbols except for fruits in this slot. The game has a high variance which means you shouldn’t expect to win often. When you do, however, it’ll be a big win, and it’s all thanks to the slot’s impressive dynamic multiplier.

Fruits Go Wild!

Lacking a traditional bonus feature, Fruit Warp relies on the so-called Fruit Mode to bring you amazing prizes. The mode is activated whenever you get 4 fruits of the same kind. At that point, a portal re-spin will turn the other fruits to different symbols. If you’re lucky to land 5 or 6 fruits of the same kind, you’ll enter the Fruit Mode and start filling the warp meter.

Located at the bottom of the slot, the warp meter will fill whenever you land one or more symbols matching the fruit on it. Some of its steps contain extra lives and dynamic multipliers – you know, just like in those old-school video games we all loved to play. The extra lives are spent whenever you land a combination that doesn’t include the matching symbol. The game will grant a re-spin as long as there’s one matching symbol on display. Reach the final multiplier and your base win will be increased by that much, potentially landing you mega wins.

During our playthrough in free play mode, we managed to score 2 Mega Wins during the Fruit Mode and they were pretty hefty. It’s a feature that’s fun to play and perfectly compensates for the lack of a traditional slot bonus round.

Tasty Fruits Galore!

There are really no words to describe how amazingly delicious this slot is. Instead of going with the flow, Thunderkick decided to experiment and the end result is gorgeous. Apart from looking great, Fruit Warp has managed to reinvent the wheel with a video game-like bonus round that pays out massive prizes.
If you’re an adventurer ready to try something really different, Fruit Warp is the ideal choice.

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