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Eggomatic Slot Review

Retro-futuristic themes tend to be in low supply in slots, which is a shame. We find it quite interesting to see how people in the past thought the future would look like. This time around, we’re taking a look at mechanical chickens and the massive Eggomatic machine! The eggs it creates can be cooked for food, or used for a far nobler cause. And that cause is earning yourself a whole lot of cash!

The music in this game is alright, but quite forgettable. Eggomatic’s RTP is 96.48%, which is higher than the current average. All available special features tie back to the eggs the large machine creates. They appear on the conveyor belt above the reel, and can award useful prizes! Eggs can grant spreading Wilds, free spins, or coin win bonuses if the right conditions are met! Your maximum prize is 1000x your total stake.

This NetEnt release holds up surprisingly well, despite how old it is. There aren’t many interesting animations, but the setting and symbol designs are top notch. It’s the perfect mixture of cool and weird that makes it stick in your head, long after you finish playing. The way you activate bonuses is also relatively unique for the developer. We think it’s interesting enough to warrant a thorough play session or two. Especially if you get lucky with the jackpot.

Here’s the Facts

The slot has a medium variance, which has its good and bad sides. You can expect some good jackpots, though not as great as in high volatility games. Eggomatic hides all of the good wins behind the egg special features. They can be quite annoying to trigger, as you have to line up several moving pieces. However, the prize at the end is more than worth the effort!

Coins can be set between ₹1.00 and ₹100.00 per spin. By adjusting their coin value and bet level, players are able to change their total bet, too! Your minimum stake is only ₹20, while the maximum wager goes up to ₹2000 for each spin. This is a fantastic betting spread. Casual and mid-range gamblers will have lots of wagering options, while high rollers can go all out with big bets!

Icon design is a mixed bag in Eggomatic. All of them fit the theme of this mechanical chicken wonderland, so A+ for immersion. Having said that, it doesn’t escape the curse of filler symbols, either. Five of the chicks share the same appearance, with only a colour swap differentiating them! The remaining five are completely unique and are far more expressive than the filler chicks. Making use of the special features allows for players to win up to 1000x your total stake.

Special Features

Eggs and Wilds: While playing this NetEnt slot, the large machine will sometimes spit out eggs on the conveyor belt above the board. This egg moves one position to the left with each spin. It carries the bonus, and only awards it to the gambler if a Wild appears on the same reel. The egg can have three different bonuses, depending on what kind of egg appeared.

Spreading Wilds: A blue egg with a W on it is the Spreading Wilds egg. The existing Wild is transformed into the spreading Wild. All icons adjacent and diagonal to this new Wild will transform into regular Wilds.

Free Spins: A yellow egg grants players between seven to fifty free spins. During this special feature, an egg is guaranteed to appear on each spin. So you best cross your fingers and hope lots of Wilds appear, too. Otherwise, you won’t be able to win the jackpot!

Coin Win: A bronze egg can award gamblers between 50 to 2500 coins.

Surprise Egg: This mystery egg can contain any of the other three bonuses within itself.

What’s our Take?

Eggomatic’s graphics aren’t the best, but they fit the theme so well it’s impossible not to love them. Opening the paytable lowers a screen and plays a projector. Everything is a little rusty and worn down. The retro-futuristic style looks fantastic, and, in our eyes, more than makes up for the absence of cool animations.

Unsurprisingly, the slot is rather heavy on its bonuses. If you plan on winning big, you will have to get lucky with the eggs. Keep an eye out for free spins, as you have guaranteed eggs while those last. It can be quite easy to win more spins, or additional cash prizes and spreading Wilds!

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