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Dazzle Me Slot Review

It’s not something anyone openly talks about, but you can clearly tell there is the concept of a ‘B’ game. This is a slot whose gameplay is usually similar or identical to a previous release, and has only the most rudimentary graphics. They’re passable releases, until you compare them to a larger game by the same developer. The slot we ae looking at today, Dazzle Me, is one of these ‘B’ list games. If you are not interested, then try Dragon Wins by NextGen Gaming.

Lacklustre visuals aside, this NetEnt release does try to break the mould somewhat. Dazzle Me’s RTP is set to 96.9%, well above the current average! It also offers multiple special features to players, like Wild reels, free spins and linked reels. But while we played this low variance slot, what stood out most wasn’t the 760x jackpot. Instead, it was the rare reel set-up we see in this game.

Despite the name, we found that Dazzle Me failed to dazzle us. The symbol designs have reverted back into fruit machines, with gemstones, bells and lucky sevens. The gameplay is a bit more interesting, but not enough to carry the whole slot on its back. The numerous special features keep things exciting for a while, but this game lacks any staying power. There’s no real reason to keep coming back to it after you played it for a few hours and got a decent jackpot.

Here’s the Facts

If you’re the sort of gambler that loves frequent, small pays, then you will love Dazzle Me. It’s not quite a loot shower, but it can come close to it at times. There’s little in the ways of big wins hiding behind a particularly lucrative bonus. This is the key reason behind the slot lacking any longevity is the absence of this huge win.

The coin range in the game is set between ₹1.00 and ₹100 per spin. By changing your coin value and bet level, players can also adjust their total bet. At the minimum, you have to wager ₹20, while the maximum is capped at ₹2000 for each spin. For both casual gamblers and high rollers, this is fantastic news. As it is for all mid-range players who are given lots of wagers to choose from, as a result.

Available icons include a diamond, an emerald, an amethyst, a ruby, a golden bell and a lucky seven. The lucky seven is the highest paying symbol, rewarding 200 coins for a five-of-a-kind win. Meanwhile, the title of least valuable icon is shared between the emerald and diamond. They both only net you 20 coins for a five-of-a-kind win. So, if you plan on chasing after the 760x jackpot, you are better off ignoring gemstones and chasing sevens.

Special Features

Dazzling Wild Reels: This bonus activates at random times during normal gameplay. This new reel contains only Wilds, and is pasted on top of an existing reel. Up to five reels can be transformed into Wild Reels using this method.

Free Spins: Three, four or five Scatters reward eight, twelve or sixteen free spins, respectively. During this special feature, Dazzling Wild Reels can no longer be activated. In their place, gamblers get access to Linked Reels instead.

Linked Reels: At the beginning of each spin, identical linked reels appear adjacently on reels one, two, three and four. The right reel will copy the left reel. The first reel can only be linked to the second, and the third reel can only connect to the fourth. This is a consequence of the 3-3-4-4-5 reel layout that Dazzle Me uses instead of the standard 5x3 playing field.

What’s our Take?

We really don’t have much to talk about when it comes to graphics. The symbol designs are lazy and uninspired. The background image is dull, and there is a distinct absence of interesting animations. If you’re looking for that traditional NetEnt magic touch, it isn’t present in this slot.

Which is a shame, because the gameplay does show potential! The reels are structured in a different way compared to other games. This creates opportunities for interesting special features, which we saw the developers use with the Linked Reels bonus.

After playing it, Dazzle Me comes across as an experiment that NetEnt weren’t too sure about, rather than a full release. As a result, we recommend skipping this slot.

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