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Copy Cats Slot Review

We’re certain there’s someone at NetEnt snickering to themselves for getting away with this videoslot. This is a game that’s unapologetically made for lovers of cats. It has multiple cute kittens, cat treats, and everything you’ll ever need to take care of a real cat. It also lives up to its puntastic name with a fitting special feature. So if you have a particular favourite, you’re in luck. You might just see all the kitten transform into him or her while playing!

We didn’t expect a laid-back, jazzy tune for this NetEnt release, but we enjoyed it all the same. Copy Cats’ RTP is 96.76%, which is above the current average. Despite its low variance, this slot is defined by the multiple special features it offers. Symbols transforming into each other and free spins are the two bonuses the game offers its players. It looks promising at first, until you realise your jackpot is only 200x your total stake.

It’s not ugly, but it’s far from NetEnt’s best looking release. Most of the icons in Copy Cats are animated, even outside of winning anything. However, the background image is completely static, and several symbols are just re-skins of each other. And while we were conflicted on visuals, the gameplay was quite fun. Cats transforming into one another is fantastic, especially once you realise Wilds count as cats. Cash prizes are in need of a serious boost, however.

Here’s the Facts

This game has a low variance, which isn’t a bad thing, by itself. NetEnt’s most popular release is Starburst, and it is also a low volatility videoslot. Where Copy Cats differs is in its atrocious paytable. Compared to other games released by the same developer, there’s really no contest. All the fun in the world is meaningless if the prizes aren’t equally worthwhile.

Coin value can be set between ₹1.00 and ₹50.00 per spin. By changing their coin value and bet level, gamblers are able to adjust their total bet. You can wager as little as ₹25, or you can go all out and stake ₹1250 for each spin! These numbers are decent, but are slightly worse compared to NetEnt’s average. Casual and mid-range players will be fine, but high rollers will no doubt feel restricted.

Icons include four kitty paws, each one coming in a different colour! They are joined with a dead fish, a bottle of milk, a toy mouse, and three pretty kittens! A grumpy blue, a cute pink, and a self-confident, and somewhat pudgy red. The wild symbol is a golden cat, while a collar bell is the Scatter icon. The value of each symbol could be a lot higher – after all, your maximum prize is only 200x. Not bad, but not amazing, either.

Special Features

Copy Cats: This bonus only applies to the four cat icons present on the playing field. If any of the kittens appear fully stacked on the first reel, they will transform all other cat symbols. All kittens will turn into the cat that has occupied the first reel, increasing your odds of winning big. This also applies to the Wild, so you could potentially see a full reel of golden kittens! That’d be an almost guaranteed win if it happened, so cross your fingers!

Free Spins: Three Scatters appearing in the first, third and fifth reel grant ten free spins. Collecting the Scatters in the same position while the special feature is still on-going grants ten extra turns!

What’s our Take?

For NetEnt, these graphics are average, at best. We hold the developers to a higher standard than others, because we know they can create amazing looking slots. As we mentioned previously, if you like cats, this is probably a must-play for you. They’re too cute to pass up on. Still, our problems aren’t with the visual side of this game.

Copy Cats has the potential be one of the most fun releases we have played recently. Cats transforming into each other is a fantastic special feature. It’s further enhanced when Wilds come into play, and suddenly half the reel is golden Wild kittens! Yet, all the extra effort goes nowhere due to the awful paytable.

Unless NetEnt boosts the value of each symbol, we really cannot recommend Copy Cats for real money play. However, if you’re curious, you can try a demo version right here on our website.

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