What Are Casino Bonus Codes?

Part of what makes online casinos so attractive are the numerous promotions they offer. Every day, you have a limitless set of offers trying to draw you in. Welcome bonuses, free spins, deposit match promotions. If you can imagine it, some operator is probably offering it. Many of these bonuses are awarded upon registering an account or claiming the promotion.

That said, there are other ways promotions can be awarded to an account, and those are casino bonus codes. In this article, we go over what bonus codes are and how they are used. By the end of it, the Indian Casino Club team will turn you into a bona fide bonus code expert!

Bonus Codes 101

The casino bonus codes are a string of words, numbers or both you enter to claim a specific bonus. There is no rule as to which casinos use them and which do not. That said, they do place a bit of extra work on the player. Instead of having the promotion be claimed automatically for you, you have to enter the code to claim it. Entering the code activates whatever bonus you are applying for.

Having said that, there is an advantage to bonus codes. They make it quite clear what bonuses you are accepting. Bonus codes usually contain a short descriptor of the promotion, like deposit or free spins. Furthermore, it also allows you to skip bonuses you may not want to play. This is not always a possibility, mind you. Multi-step promotions usually require you to claim their bonus codes in a specific order.

What Bonus Codes Apply To

Bonus codes can be used to claim a variety of promotions. No deposit bonuses, welcome promotions, deposit match, free spins and reload bonuses can all be claimed this way. That said, bonus codes can only be claimed when all the conditions for them are met. For example, promotions that have a minimum deposit have to be met before the bonus code is accepted.

Playamo casino bonus code

There’s a big variety of bonus codes and each one can benefit you in a different way.

Even when a bonus is claimed, it is still subject to many other rules. While these are not specific to bonus codes, they do apply to the promotions they activate. Wagering requirements, maximum bet limits and game restrictions are all things you have to be aware of. Breaking the rules of the bonus means you forfeit any progress you have made on it.