Top 3 Popular Payment Methods for Indian Gamers

When it comes to picking an online casino, payment methods are usually one of the last things to consider. Long-term casino members from India usually have at least one or two e-wallet options they like to use. However, our country has changed a fair amount in the last couple of years. Online transactions have become the norm at the same time India becomes more interesting to casino operators.

Given the rising popularity of online casinos in India, payment methods specifically catering to us were bound to appear. For the most part, the things you use to pay for everyday things can also be used for casino transactions. Join us as we find out what the most popular online casino payment methods in India are!


PayTM is a name well known to just about everyone living in India. It is a shorthand for Pay through mobile, and is the country’s largest mobile payments platform. It comes with all the benefits of e-wallets with the added advantage of you already being signed up for it. As such, both deposits and withdrawals using PayTM are hassle free. You can deposit your rupees to your
PayTM wallet using credit/debit cards, internet banking or UPI.

Once you have funds in your PayTM account, you can deposit some or all of them to the casino. You can also withdraw funds directly to that account. All transactions to and from PayTM are secured using 128-bit SSL encryption and real-time monitoring. Once the funds are withdrawn, you can immediately spend that big win and buy yourself something nice!


United Payments Interface, or UPI for short, is another mobile payment method that gained traction recently. UPI became available in 2016 as part of a government sector initiative. The goal was to make instant real-time bank transfers much more accessible. As such, UPI can be used not just to deposit and withdraw funds to online casinos. You can also use it to deposit and withdraw funds from other payment methods if you so choose!

Players can use UPI in several ways to deposit and withdraw money. The easiest option is to enter your UPI ID and confirm with PIN. If that does not work, you can make a direct payment to the casino’s UPI ID. You can also make a UPI payment through your bank account. It has a strong support network and is used by a large portion of India’s banks. As such, it is one of the best picks possible if you want convenience.


The previous two options are options you usually opt to use every day. AstroPay is a little different in that regard. This virtual prepaid that allows almost instant pays while being secure and anonymous. It is an accepted payment method by many online casinos. Far more widespread than PayTM and UPI are. However, it does have a substantial downside, as you cannot withdraw using AstroPay cards.

AtroPay homepage

AstroPay allows for instant and secure payments in a big number of online casinos.

The process of using their cards is simple. You make an account, buy a card ranging from $25 to $500 and fund it using bank transfers or UPI. This generates a virtual card to the mobile app or e-mail you can use to make deposits. Despite it not being an Indian company, it accepts rupees. You can make INR payments without suffering conversion fees. You will have to opt for an alternate payment method to receive funds you win.

Which Should I Choose?

All three have their distinct advantages. PayTM is a mainstay for many of us, as is UPI. AstroPay strikes a fantastic balance between privacy and ease of use. We at Indian Casino Club would not recommend any of these payment methods over the other two. It all comes down to what you are already using and what you want.