Slots with Best Bonus Rounds

When it comes to gameplay diversity, nobody does it quite like slots. Table games have variants, and sometimes they drastically alter how it’s played. But it doesn’t even come close to slots and their various special features! Over the years, we have seen some insane creativity from the various software providers who make slots. And today, we’ll take a look at some of the best bonus rounds ever!

It should be noted that payouts weren’t the key deciding factor when choosing these games. Our choice also looked at what kind of gameplay they offer, and how fun they are to play. As a result, not all releases mentioned in this list will award insane prizes. There’s a little something here for everyone. Both casual players and high rollers alike!

Magic Portals

Any long-term NetEnt fans should be familiar with this particular slot. Magic Portals has been around for a few years and charmed us with its cool visuals and exciting wins. But the real reason this game has been chosen is its exciting Wild transformation bonus.

The way it works is simple. On the reels, you’ll see two orbs on the first and fifth reel. This orb occupies the middle space of each reel and does not move. When two matching symbols land in these two spots, they are transformed into Wilds. On top of that, any other instance of that icon on the board also transforms into a Wild. The only exception to this transformation are free spin symbols.

Monopoly Megaways

If you only play one Big Time Gaming release this year, make sure it’s this one! The world of Monopoly has always been one filled with greed and suffering hidden behind a children’s game. You might think we’re exaggerating, but tell us the last time you played a round of Monopoly and it ended well. But while the board game never appealed to us, the slot was a whole other story!

Monopoly Megaways is probably the favourite special features of the staff at Indian Casino Club for 2019. It’s a faithful recreation of the board game, and it’ll have you passing go, landing on properties, and dodging jail! You move Mr Monopoly across the board after each win. This unlocks free spins, multipliers, and can even transport you across the Monopoly board!

Twin Spin

Not all slots are created equal. Some games look gorgeous but offer very little in terms of substance. While others, like Twin Spin, look quite generic at first glance. But if you decide to dig a little deeper, you find something quite exciting! The name very accurately describes the hook for this slot; the idea of twin reels.

Twin Spin slot game

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Every spin, two adjacent reels will be randomly selected to become twin reels. That means these two reels will display the same symbols, increase the chance to win! Furthermore, the special feature can be spread to other reels if you’re lucky enough. Yes, it is possible to get all five reels to become twin reels at the same time. It’s just a shame NetEnt decided to keep the total prize low compared to this game’s potential.

Kingdoms Rise series

Yes, we know. A whole series instead of just one game? Isn’t that cheating? Well, kind of. The reason we decided to opt for the whole series is due to the fact the bonus round we’re interested in is available in all games.

See, rather than activating it, as usual, this Playtech series awards tokens as you play and win. Punters can then exchange these tokens in the shop, allowing them to buy special features when it suits them. It hands control of the special feature firmly in the hands of the player, which we find quite fascinating.

Immortal Romance

An old Microgaming favourite of ours that we feel had to be mentioned in this article. We don’t think they’re the first ones to try this particular bonus round. But it’s undeniable that Immortal Romance’s massive popularity popularized the idea.

In all aspects, the free spins and multipliers combo isn’t anything new. What won us over with this game was the included progression system. You couldn’t just jump from one bonus round to the next. Instead, you had to activate the free spins round a certain number of times before you could progress to the next bonus. It’s a cool idea, one we’d like to see more often.