Perks of Being an Online Casino High Roller

Money makes the world go ‘round. This simple mantra has been true for the majority of our lives. If you have cash, you can get preferential treatment. Society can pretend otherwise, but it doesn’t change facts. Others, like online casinos, openly embrace the privileged position they give their high rollers.

If you have plenty of cash burning the inside of your pocket, you can get plenty of goodies! Frequent bonuses, faster payouts and VIP-specific tables are just some of the advantages you receive. Do you have what it takes to reach the coveted high roller status and claim these prizes?

Exclusive Tables

Fans of table games will definitely want to upgrade their status as soon as possible. How many times have you come back after a hard day’s work, only to find all the roulette tables full? It’s not as big of an issue as it used to be, with the advent of tables which support an infinite amount of players. That said, it still affects table games that have a limited number of seats, like Speed Blackjack.

VIP punters have access to special tables that have much fewer people competing for seats. Even if these games aren’t specifically configured for a VIP rank, the high cost will drive away everyone but high rollers. Just remember the basics of live casino money management; especially if you’re betting big!

Sweeter Bonuses

The advantage of a high roller becomes apparent the moment it’s time to register. Online casinos will usually allow a massive deposit for your first match. If you can drop a few thousand rupees to take full advantage of it, you’ll have plenty of bonus cash to work with! In addition, make sure to check out our guide to welcome bonuses so you don’t make a costly mistake!

However, there’s more to being a VIP than just welcome offers. You can also look forward to a variety of fun bonuses. Cashback offers are frequent in loyalty programmes, and high rollers are comfortably on top of that pyramid! Depending on the operator, you might get up to a 25% cashback!

Other goodies include exclusive tournaments and increased point generation for loyalty programmes. High profile casinos may even organize concerts and trips to exotic locations! Unfortunately, Indian players are often excluded from these offers. Not much we can do about that beyond double-checking all the details before signing on with a casino.

888 Bonuses

What it means to be a high roller at online casinos and what are the special benefits VIP players are entitled to.

Your Very Own Support

We don’t know about you, but waiting is something we absolutely loathe. Especially when it comes to withdrawing funds or a reply from support! However, these are the plights of regular players. Online casino high rollers are able to comfortably sneak by both with their amazing benefits!

Punters who reach a certain level with an operator will unlock their very own support person. Being able to speak to your own dedicated account manager at any time is one of the biggest boosts out there. They will often reach out on their own to give you special bonus offers you can’t get anywhere. Some casinos even go so far as to allow you to contact your account manager by phone!

This one is a bit controversial depending on whom you ask. Ideally, all players would be able to receive their withdrawals and deposits as quickly as possible. This maximizes the satisfaction of all punters and cuts down on waiting times. That doesn’t stop some online casinos from offering to prioritize transactions made by VIP members.

Early Access to New Games

It’s been a while since we saw this tactic openly advertised. However, we know that some operators still use it as a selling point for high rollers. If you’re able to spend a lot of money gambling, you may get early access on the latest slot or table game!

Fortunately, this bonus has died out with time. With so much competition, most operators can’t pull this kind of stunt. People would just register somewhere else instead of waiting for a day or two.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, we at Indian Casino Club have yet to figure out the perfect strategy to become a high roller. Still, it’s undeniable that the advantages it offers are amazing. If you ever have the pleasure of being a high roller, we highly recommend taking it.