Online Roulette: RNG vs Live Dealer?

Roulette has been a fan favourite game as long as we can remember. It’s something both casinos and gamblers love to play, as it offers a little something for everyone! It’s not super optimal like blackjack. In fact, depending on the variant you play, your expected RTP can change drastically! What rules you played on was usually dependant on the country you were in. That is, before online gambling came along!

Nowadays, roulette players have all the choice in the world! With regional restrictions (mostly) being a thing of the past, gamblers can play any version they like. And while you can find optimal versions and the best roulette strategies to play, that doesn’t account for everything. You also have to consider the convenience and atmosphere. And that’s the crux of the issue we will explore today as we discuss RNG versus Live Dealer Roulette!

Why Choose RNG Roulette?

RNG Roulette is the best place to start if you’re completely new to the game. When you play live dealer roulette, other gamblers are also taken into consideration. That means you can’t spend a long time refreshing yourself on the best bets or reading up on the best strategy. We’d also suggest RNG roulette if you’re learning a brand new variant of roulette. Since the release waits for you alone, you can take your time and learn.

There’s also the undeniable fact that RNG roulette is cheaper. There’s no other person that the operator has to compensate for. And using animated graphics is much simpler than live-streaming an actual table at an acceptable quality. This means you can find RNG roulette tables which are super cheap!

Speaking of price, you can usually try RNG roulette releases for free! This depends on whether the casino itself supports demo mode or not, of course. But if you can try a table and get a feel for its rules before going for the real thing, that’s a plus! Live dealer roulette cannot provide the same service, due to their higher cost.

Why Choose Live Dealer Roulette?

If you want atmosphere, then live dealer roulette is absolutely a must. Don’t get us wrong, RNG games have been getting pretty good in recent years. But nothing compares to see an actual dealer and table in front of you. Seeing them toss the ball in real time, speaking and interacting with players as they do! It’s not like the real thing, but it’s pretty darn close!

Live Dealer Roulette

Online vs Live Roulette: Which is your favourite?

Another thing we like at Indian Casino Club is the variety of different live dealer roulette tables! Some cater to gamblers seeking that ideal immersive experience, focusing on smooth camera movements to make it feel like you’re in a real life casino. Others optimize for speed, ensuring the next round starts as soon as the previous one ends. There are also recent additions like Lightning Roulette which bring new mechanics into the existing ruleset.

Which Should I Pick?

Right now, both sides of the coin have their good and bad sides. As so, neither roulette version is completely perfect. It will depend on two factors. First, your choice of online casinos. And second being what you’re looking for from your roulette game.

If your primary aim is time, cost and convenience, then RNG roulette is definitely the way to go. When you’re playing solo, you can set your own pace. No need to rush because of someone else, or get held back because someone is slow at deciding their wagers. No need to wait for a lot of people to join the table to enjoy some fun. With RNG roulette, everything but the wheel is in your hands.

For live dealer roulette, you have a lot more restrictions. The costs are higher due to the streaming set-up, and there is no demo mode where you can try it for free. But what downsides are there are quickly solved thanks to how immersive live dealer roulette feels! Interacting with other people and the dealer while playing is an experience everyone should feel at least once.

So while live dealer roulette may be the future, it’s not there just yet. Both roulette tables have their uses. Which one will you choose?