No Wagering Casinos Are the Next Big Thing

For the longest time, online casino bonuses were a difficult thing to understand. They came with many additional requirements that you had to be careful with. Some sites would limit how much you could win at maximum. Others set unreasonable wagering requirements to stop you from taking advantage of the bonus. A few even impose a harsh time limit that would be next to impossible to beat.

Does it surprise anyone that many players chose to step away from promotions altogether? With so many traps lying in wait, quite a few punters decided it was not worth the hassle. That said, what if you could claim bonuses without any scummy wagering requirements getting in the way? That is the idea behind No Wagering Casinos, which promise to turn the online casino world on its head!

How Does it Work?

The idea of no deposit bonuses is nothing new. After all, no deposit free spins have been around for ages. No wagering casinos function with a similar idea in mind. These websites will offer you similar bonuses to welcome you and incentivise you to keep playing. However, they offer much more realistic sums to make up for the absence of wagering requirements.

While this does not make other limitations like win caps disappear, it does get rid of a major player headache. Now, the casino cannot demand that you play through 40x your initial deposit plus any additional wins. Time limits to complete the wagering requirement in a certain period also disappear. It is simply a better online casino design for punters, in every aspect!

Keeping Things Clear

Another side effect of removing wagering requirements is the clarity of bonus terms and conditions. There is no way to hide how good or bad a promotion is behind a wagering requirement. If an operator does not want you to win more than a certain amount, they have to state it openly in the terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, there are still ways for no wagering casinos to keep you from taking advantage of bonuses. Promotions can be limited to specific titles and entire game categories can be removed outright. However, you will be able to spot these adjustments that work against you much more easily.

Better in Every Way

You might think this falls under the area of opinion, but we disagree! No wagering bonuses, especially free spins, can be so much more rewarding. For comparison, let us look at a standard deposit match bonus that grants free spins. Here, you receive free spins and immediately have to plan to meet the wagering requirement. While this is not bad with a decent wagering requirement, it is not ideal either.

No wagering requirements

Casinos with no wagering requirements attached to bonuses can be very beneficial to players.

Meanwhile, any wins scored through no wagering free spins are yours to keep immediately. While these bonuses may be rarer, they are more than worth the extra hassle. If you score a big prize, you do not have to spend weeks grinding safe slots so you can withdraw. Those funds are immediately available for you to use and enjoy.

What Kind of Bonuses Are There?

Players can look forward to three different no wagering bonus types. The first is a rather standard no wagering deposit bonus. You deposit money and receive a special feature in turn. This usually results in a free spins round or something more creative depending on the online casino you choose. A particularly notable example had us spin a lucky wheel that held a variety of different prizes upon our first deposit.

If you are quite lucky, you might come across wager-free cashback bonuses, too! Online casinos that do not use wagering requirements usually pool a portion of the punter’s losses. Then, they award the funds to the player after a certain amount of time. Such promotions are usually tied into some kind of loyalty programme. These definitely fall in the list of favourite bonuses!

Finally, the rarest of no wager promotions are no-deposit bonuses. These promotions require you to sign up to get access to a bonus immediately. There are no limitations to what you can do with the funds, short of immediately withdrawing them. These types of bonuses are only usually saved for sign-up promotions. Even then, they are incredibly rare. If you manage to come across one, we definitely recommend taking full advantage of it!