Live Casino Bonus: Things to Pay Attention to

Bonuses are a simple idea when you break them down to basics. The casino is enticing you to sign up by giving you a great offer. Possibly even losing some money upfront in order to get you as a loyal, long-term customer. It’s a basic system, but it works wonderfully.

Of course, not all promotions are the same. Some are amazing, while others have sneaky terms and conditions that will sabotage your enjoyment. It’s something we’ve covered in more detail in our Are Welcome Bonuses Good for You article.

So what are some things you should pay attention to when signing up to a live casino promotion? For the most part, the requirements are mostly the same. However, there are a few minor things that you must focus on when making your choice!

Wagering Contributions

If up until now, you’ve only played slots, wagering contributions may be a foreign term to you. However, it is a familiar concept to anyone who’s a fan of playing table games and live dealer releases online. It’s a way for the operator to keep the requirements of the promotion identical for all games!

After all, it’s well known a round of blackjack will usually win more often than a slot. So, if you were trying to complete a wagering requirement, you’d pick the safest possible game and go to town! Websites have responded to this in one of two ways. First was to restrict non-slots from promotions outright. Second was the implementation of wagering contributions.

Rather than contributing its full bet to the wagering requirements every round, the game will usually only give a percentage. In our experience, live casino releases tend to float around the 5%-10% mark. Any online casino offering you less isn’t worth your time.

Game-Specific Terms & Conditions

One more thing to keep an eye out for are games which are outright excluded from contributing to the wagering requirements. This is rare for live dealer games, but it can still happen. Usually, games which aren’t contributing to the wagering requirements are listed in the terms and conditions.

Admittedly, it’s not great that you have to dig through such a long page to find this information. But it’s a bit of effort you do now that will save you a huge headache later!

Loyalty Programmes

Usually, casinos don’t offer standard bonuses for live dealer games. But one promotion you can count on being available is an operator’s loyalty programme. They may word it differently. They can call it a VIP programme, or something else entirely. But the end result boils down to the familiar formula: spend money and earn goodies!

Playamo loyalty program

We present some of the most popular casino bonuses available to live dealer enthusiasts.

If you need a more detailed breakdown, we’ve covered online casino loyalty programmes before. And while some aspects, like free spins, won’t fit, you can still make use of cashback bonuses and bonus cash.

Promotions for Specific Tables

Does your favourite casino have their own tables they’re licensing from another developer? If the answer is yes, they may also be hosting promotions for those tables to drive traffic towards them!

A notable example we remember is a poker table rewarding small cash prizes when people collected sevens. These sort of minor bonuses will vary from casino to casino. Some operators will go all out with these promotions. Others won’t have them at all.

Closing Thoughts

Even with all the time we spent covering Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations, we don’t have any definite answers. Maybe it’s because live dealer games and their popularity are still new. Or maybe it’s because online casinos want you to focus on slots instead. But promotions unique and specific to live casino releases are few and far between.

They also require a bit more effort, as you’ll have to double-check if every bonus you run into applies to the game you want to play. Don’t let that discourage you, though. You’ll appreciate the extra effort you went through when you find that perfect live casino bonus!