Introduction to Playtech Community Live Slots

Slots and live casino games are usually worlds apart. Live dealers usually focus on table games and game show titles. Slots, meanwhile, are very much so a one-person affair. No one really thought combining the two would be very interesting. At least, that was before people who live stream their slot gameplay exploded in popularity!

Playtech was clearly paying attention, moving to capitalize on the growing trend. This led to the creation of a brand new game category called community live slots or just live slots for short. Only two releases currently fit into this category. Join us as we take a closer look at them, and theorize what the future might hold for this genre!

Live Buffalo Blitz

The first game launched by Playtech using this concept was Buffalo Blitz! Many players have thoroughly enjoyed this popular six-reel slot over the years. If you played it previously, you will like it just as much now! Live slots make no visual or gameplay changes. They allow you to set up your wagers and watch as the reels spin.

Which begs the question: why would you play this variant over the actual release? The answer is simple: the company! A host is present at all times, keeping excitement high during those big win moments. In the off chance you hit a streak of dead spins, the host is also there to interact with the chat and keep them occupied otherwise.

If you are the sort of punter who enjoys interacting with others, this is definitely a great title to play. For their first venture, the developers have created a very cool release, if maybe a touch too formal. Their next venture would combine one of Playtech’s best games with a slightly different format.

Live Age of the Gods: God of Storms

Age of the Gods: God of Storms is a fantastic title. It offers multiple interesting special features and some great visuals. However, its main appeal has always been its three progressive jackpots! Now, the thrill of possibly winning this big prize can be shared with everyone playing the live version of this slot!

Yes, the live casino version shares the same progressive jackpot as all other titles in the Age of the Gods series. Playtech uses the same interface they did in Live Buffalo Blitz for chatting and setting up your bets. What is new to this God of Storms variant is the host, and it is something you immediately notice.

Age of the Gods Live Gameplay

Playtech introduces Community Live platform with two slot games currently available.

Instead of having a host in a more official capacity, the developers opted for a more streamer-like approach. They sit in a corner with headphones and a microphone, commenting on the action as the game is played. It is all the fun of watching a streamer play with the opportunity to take home a massive progressive jackpot yourself!

Our Thoughts

There is no denying the fact players are enjoying these types of releases. We can understand their popularity as well. Many of us are all too happy to show off when we win big, no matter what online casino games we play. No member of the Indian Casino Club staff is innocent of this!

Playtech’s community live slots circumvent the need to take screenshots or brag to disinterested people. You get the excitement of winning big and seeing your fellow players react to it at the same time! It feels incredible. We can only imagine how thrilling it would be to score a progressive jackpot and watch the chat explode in excitement.

However, if there is one thing we would like to see is more games. As it stands, Playtech only offers two slots. If they hope to draw in even more punters, they will need to offer more releases. No matter which game is chosen to be the new community live slot, we will be watching with great interest.