How to Lock a Withdrawal at an Online Casino

Big wins are one of the most appealing parts of our hobby. The chance you are one round away from a life-changing jackpot is a big part of progressive jackpots being popular. It is the sort of rush few other things can match. If you have ever felt it on your own skin, you know how amazing it feels. However, once the excitement dies down, you find yourself tempted to keep playing to try to win even more.

Obviously, there are ways around this. Not too long ago, we discussed the process of manual flushing in online casinos. Using it, players can immediately send funds to their accounts, preventing reverse withdrawals. While this method is useful, it is not particularly widespread. Today, we will look into another way to stop ourselves from reversing withdrawals to keep playing; withdrawal locks.

How Does Withdrawal Locking Work?

Withdrawal locks are rather simple and are clearly explained by their name. Once you place a withdrawal, navigate to the page where said withdrawal is. For casinos that support this feature, you will be able to choose to lock the withdrawal. The lock ensures you cannot reverse the withdrawal. Once you select the option, your withdrawal is safe from any temptations you might encounter.

The lock persists up until the withdrawal is processed and carried out. Once the money is on your online casino payment method of choice, you can deposit it back. The withdrawal lock is only there to prevent you from reversing the initial withdrawal. What you do with the funds after that is up to you.

Some online casinos ask you to set a withdrawal lock during the withdrawal request itself. Keep an eye out for this, as it cannot be easily changed afterwards. The exact policy of how withdrawal locking is activated, or if it is even available, depends on the operator.

Limited Support

Similar to manual flushing in online casinos, withdrawal locking has quite a limited availability. Websites benefit from having you reverse your withdrawals. All games come with an in-built house edge. This means the house always wins in the long-term. Withdrawal locking and manual flushing both work in favour of the player instead of the casino. As such, these features have limited support.

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What is a withdrawal lock and how it works?

Despite this, some online casinos exist that allow withdrawal locking. One of the most prominent is SlotsMillion. It allows you to lock withdrawals while making a withdrawal request. Another option is Casumo, which lets you lock withdrawals after making the withdrawal request. Other options exist, but these are the two most highly rated operators that also accept Indian customers.

Another Solution

In an ideal world, withdrawal locking would be available for everyone. However, since this is not an option, we have to get creative sometimes. Fortunately, there is an option that is available in all online casinos. As part of a continued push towards responsible gaming, operators allow players to freeze their accounts temporarily. If you want to avoid the temptation of reversing a big win, you can lock your account for a day or two.

However, this comes with its own downsides. With withdrawal locks, you can still keep playing, knowing your funds are safe. Locking your account leaves you unable to play your favourite casino games until the restriction expires. Hardly an elegant solution, but it keeps your funds safe all the same. However, Indian Casino Club staff recommend not going through with this unless you have an issue reversing withdrawals.