How to Find the Best Online Casino Bonuses?

Promotions at online casinos can feel similar to dating. There are many fish in the sea, but only a few are right for you. Many of us opt to stick to one or two operators because of this. Their bonus offers are often good enough, and all of our payment methods and information are saved there. You might even be enrolled in their loyalty programme, and are receiving benefits from actively playing there.

There is nothing wrong with that kind of approach. However, you will be missing some awesome promotions that are out there. For many, it is not a question of not wanting to snag the bonuses. It is the uncertainty of where to start. If that is what troubles you, then this guide is for you! We discuss where you can find the best promotions and some things to watch for.

New Websites

Brand new online casinos launch every single day. Some are launches made by existing operators, while others are completely fresh to the scene! In both cases, they will be looking to attract an audience and will do so with awesome bonuses. The welcome offer is great in many casinos for that reason. New operators will also give you better conditions on many promotions to attract you to play with them.

Mind you, this is not a sure thing by any means. You should always check the details of any promotion you are interested in just to be sure. Furthermore, you will want to opt for casinos that have a strong license or a trusted operator. The last thing you want is to grab a bonus that looks great, only to be scammed.


While you are out hunting for new bonuses, your old casinos are still around. They, and many other operators, frequently offer newsletters for their members. We are used to ignoring these for just about every website. However, you will want to give online casino newsletters a chance. Often times, they offer cool bonuses that may not be available elsewhere. If you are lucky, the casino might even personalise them to your tastes!

If you have a bonus granted via newsletter, you usually have to activate it in one of two ways. Either by following a link or punching in a promo code. In case of a link or button, you just click it to open the website and you are good to go. With a promo code, you need to enter it while making your deposit, so the operator can credit you with the bonus.

Social Media and Communities

A great deal of online casinos has social media accounts nowadays. These serve to give your fellow players a place to hang out and play. However, what interests us are promotions that you can find there! Occasionally, websites you play on will offer some exclusive bonuses on these pages. Sometimes it is as simple as a free spins round. Other times, it can be a big competition with thrilling prizes!

Playamo Promotions

Learn more about the process of finding valuable casino bonuses.

Speaking of communities, you should also consider checking out some punter communities. These are full of fellow players who discuss their hobby. It is a great place to talk about casino games and the reputation of websites. Not to mention it can be a great place to find a recommended bonus or two.

Review Sites

The team is always on the lookout for great places to play, and promotions tie into that! If we have reviewed a casino and given it a good score, it means it is a great website for Indians to play. We are not unique in this aspect, either. You can find a wealth of reviews online that highlight great operators and the thrilling bonuses they offer.

No matter what online casino you play to commit to, you should seek the opinion of reviews. They can help give you an overview of the website, so you know what to expect.

The Fine Print

Bonuses that seem too good to be true often are. Make sure to have a detailed look at every promotion you are offered. Check the wagering requirements, or if there is a winning cap in place for free spins. Researching a casino and all of its promotions does take some time. The extra effort is more than worth it in the end!